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In years gone by women considered a ten

Men felt empowered if and only when

A woman such as Boe Derek was on their arm

Women objectified not desired for their charm

Any woman that was considered less than

Was not contemplated part of the plan

Even now many years later

A misogynist, a true woman hater

Considers women with intellect and brains

Such a threat he often calls them names

Too often society lives by the creed

If you’re not perfect you must concede

To sitting on a shelf, undesirable at best

In you, they saw nothing in which to invest











  1. Very true, clever post, clever lady 😀


  2. AprilEsutton says:

    5’2″ small in all the wrong places, and little soft. I was doomed from the first.


  3. Margarita says:

    Well done, Phyllis! 😉 xoM


  4. iglengel says:

    Well thought out post!


  5. Good poem 🙂 But you know, in my experience, men DATE tens, but they don’t marry them. When they look to settle down, they are looking for something more substantial. It must be true because none of the women I know were ever anything like a “ten” … but we all found great men to love and marry.


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