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The line between the public’s right to know and privacy has become slim indeed.  Reporters hounded Lady Di to her death.  Elvis couldn’t leave his home.  Stars and artists alike are stalked.  The public’s insatiable ‘want’ to know has definitely crossed a line.

Many of us prefer to keep our private lives private.  We share only that which we feel is necessary for others to know.  Have you ever worked with someone so private (closed off) they were so insular you might not have noticed if or when they suddenly vanished?  Wouldn’t that make a great story?!  Hmmm.

It can be insulating, depending on how we go about continuing privacy, but as with Elaine’s ‘letter’, it can bring people closer, feeling they know something of you, about you, endearing you as an individual, to their heart.  It is much the same when writing a novel, imagine that.  Art imitating life.

This privacy thing is something I often struggle with, especially on the world wide web.  How much do you disclose about you?  How much is important, how much is immaterial? How much simply crosses a line and becomes invasion? Or opens us up to unscrupulous individuals?

I suppose it matters, depending on who you are opening up to.  The people here, are of a different ilk with a much higher thought process, on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, of learning about what makes the world tick in general.

We share our deepest thoughts, beliefs, hopes and dreams whether through poem, verse, or story.  We question our own strongly held beliefs against those of others, always with an eye to understanding.

For that reason, I come here daily, searching what others think, believe, hope and yes dream eager to learn more about others aspirations and about myself.

It has been and continues to be one of the most precious moments I have enjoyed in life so far, sharing with you, becoming involved in your personal stories and lives, no matter how you chose to disclose snippets of what you enjoy, love, struggle with, your goals, ambitions, hopes and desires sometimes hinted at, sometimes as if shouted from the rooftops (without the caps of course) but stated so succinctly it could have been.

I personally want to take this opportunity to thank you, each and every one, for many have become close to my heart because you chose to share your world, yourselves.  I look forward with great joy to continuing sharing these tidbits about you, me the world at large. Thank you for taking me into your lives because I’ve learned so much, grown in ways I didn’t know were possible by being here.  It’s a treasured experience and I thank you all!





  1. AprilEsutton says:

    Learning about others and learning about ourselves. Like reading and writing.


  2. Very true, what makes me smile is the ones that say they want to remain private, their thoughts and personalities come through their posts 😉


  3. If you are using the internet, you have no privacy. Whether you do it under your own name or a username, doesn’t matter. Anyone who really wants to know everything about you can find it. This has been true for a LONG time. The good news is that there’s so much data being collected, there aren’t enough people on earth to sort through it all. So unless you do something illegal or very high profile, no one is looking at or for you. There’s safety in keeping your head down … but otherwise? Privacy disappeared the day credit cards were invented and everything became computerized.

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    • That is true. I’ve long pondered the idea of privacy, but you are most definitely right about that. FB and Twitter have increased that lack of privacy for sure. We’ve known forever about tracking on credit cards and it’s no secret that FB reports to the powers that be. And your right, the only safety if any, is that there’s soooo much data being collected that many would go under the radar. lol

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  4. Love it Now says:

    yes, it is a treasured experience and for me also much bigger and richer then I ever thought 🙂 and thank you too for being a part of it!


  5. Sumyanna says:

    I think just as much as you enjoy learning about others, they also like hearing your voice, thoughts, and even just see you smile 😊


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