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Nathan 128


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Jenna stood up and picked up her phone and tuned in some streaming music which she immediately began humming to.  She lay down beside Jim, and pulling him close, began singing to him while staring directly into his eyes.  Each piece of clothing she removed was followed by a kiss and more humming.  Jim felt his body vibrate with the music she so easily sang to.

She began singing the words and kissed his face, tugged on his lobes, and caressed his body.  Her voice, her touch, the look in her eyes was his undoing.  He tried humming along, and while he could carry a tune, he was no match for the sultry sounds emanating from Jenna which only fueled his desire.

“Do you have any idea what you do to me?  The depths that your voice moves on?”

“I have an idea, ” she whispered attractively.

“Let me show you,” he whispered back.

“Please do.”

Jim gently peeled the layers of clothing away, as he kissed every inch of exposed skin.  Jenna stopped singing and closed her eyes, completely overwhelmed with a vortex of emotion too strong to deny.  Jim smiled knowingly.  How he loved these moments with Jenna.  She was so natural so sweet so delectable, he simply couldn’t get enough of her.  She was his little bit of heaven on earth.

Tonight, their love-making took them far beyond the known galaxy to a stratosphere he’d never experienced before and he made sure Jenna experienced every emotion, every high and rebirth of emotion it was within him to give her.


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