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Nathan 127


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Seeing Jenna tonight opened Jim’s eyes to a world she’d previously inhabited, if not lately, one she loved, was passionate about, one she should be pursuing.  He’d watched in amazement, her incredible talent, the way the crowd responded, the glow that consumed her.  He was absolutely proud, exultant that he knew this woman intimately and that she was an exceptionally talented and giving woman.

It gave him pause when Harold had grabbed her and held on.  He’d fought the inner turmoil of momentary jealousy and anger that he’d taken such liberties.  Jenna set him straight immediately.  He wasn’t concerned he had competition from that arena.  The competition as he saw it if there were any was her ability and the likely-hood she’d resume a career she’d previously walked away from.  Making a life work while she traveled the world, and he knew she would, wasn’t going to be easy, but she was worth it, they were worth it.

When they reached the sanctuary of their room after goodnights were exchanged, he took her in his arms.  “Jenna, you were spectacular.  It’s what you were meant to do.”

“It’s the first time in a long time I felt whole again, Jim.  I can’t explain it.  I turned my back on my talent because I couldn’t handle the pain, the reminders, but that was the past.  Having a singing career isn’t the past.  It’s a possibility.  I was approached by my old record company and they asked me to return.  I’ve put off giving them an answer.  Until tonight, I didn’t believe I would or could.”

“I’m thrilled you had an opportunity to close the door that was holding you back.  You need to do this, for you, Jenna.  Your talent can’t be wasted.  The world deserves to hear you.”

“If I think our relationship is going where I hope it’s going, this could get complicated.”

“I live for complications.  It’s in my nature, Jenna, it’s who I am.”

Jenna pulled him tight.  “I have to thank you, Jim.  You opened my heart and soul and you’ve shown me unconditional acceptance and the freedom to be me again.  I think I’m in love with you.”

“Good, because I wouldn’t want to feel this incredible thing without you.”  Jim kissed her with a passion he’d held in reserve before this moment. Dancing around the room, he took his time showing her how he felt and Jenna responded in kind.

“This is good, so very good, Jim.  We’re good.  I want this.  I want you.”

Jim danced her toward the bed and lifting her, placed her gently upon it before joining her and expressing with actions, all that he felt for her.


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