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Nathan 126


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Emma swayed to the relaxing jazz playing in the background.  Jenna hummed along with the instrumental music set to relax.  First a Piano then guitar took the lead.  The owner of the bar sauntering by heard her and stopped short.  “Jenna?”

Jenna turned and stared into the eyes of a close friend, one she’d been intimate with eons ago. “Harold?”

Lifting her off the seat, he twirled her around and setting her on the ground with a radiant voice loudly whispered, “Jenna, Jenna, Jenna!  Oh my god, it’s been…forever!  What a wonderful surprise seeing you here!”

Jenna was stunned into momentary silence.  “Harold, meet my sister, Emma, Nathan, and Jim.”

“Sorry, sorry, apologies all round.  I was so stunned at seeing Jenna, I forgot my manners.”

“Harold, Harold Spence, owner of this delightful establishment.”

Nathan stood and shook his hand.  “Pleased to meet you.  It is a lovely place, the ambiance is wonderful, the wine choices excellent and the chocolate, next to none.”

“Why thanks.”

Jim stood next, stiffly offering a hand.  “Jim.”

Emma offered her hand and asked, “How long have you owned the establishment?  Seems you do a great business for all the reasons Nathan outlined. I can’t agree more.  It’s an absolute find.”

“I’ve owned the place oh coming up ten years next month.  And yeah, it was a lifelong dream.  I’m sure Jenna will remember me talking about it years back.”  He smiled warmly at Jenna, placing an arm around her neck.

Jenna moved away shaking his arm loose before moving to Jim and wrapping her arms around his waist.  If Harold noticed her not so subtle move, he didn’t let on.

“Jenna, how about a song?  You interested?  I’ll have the band take the lead.  They usually wait for an hour until everyone is comfortable and then they play six sets.  What you say?”

Jenna looked at Jim uncertain how to answer.  He pulled her close and whispered, “Only if you really want to Jenna.  If you do, then go for it.  We’re right here.”

Jenna hugged him tight, “Alright, thank you.”  She kissed him fervently, boldly, sexily.

Leading her toward the back where the band had set up, Harold introduced her to everyone and when they were ready, stepped up onto the stage and announced, “Hello everyone.  So glad you could make it out tonight.  We have a special honour in store for you.  An old and dear friend has just arrived in Seattle and she’s agreed to sing a few songs for us.  You are sure to be as excited as I am to have her here.  Please, a warm welcome for Jenna Banks.”  He clapped loudly before stepping down and motioning to his band.

The evening sped by and Jenna not only sang a set with the band but followed up with two more.  They didn’t want her to stop, and frankly, she didn’t either.  It was the first time she’d set foot on a stage in a long time, too long.  It felt wonderful, it felt right, it felt good.    When she finished her last song, to massive applause, she bowed and hopped down from the stage and rejoined the others, her eyes sparkling with a glow Emma hadn’t witnessed in forever.  She hugged Jenna close.  “You were fabulous.”

Jim grabbed her and hauling her close said, “You’re amazing.  Phenomenal, outstanding!  I wouldn’t have missed that for worlds.”

Jenna returned the hug and held him tight.  “I can’t believe I did it.  It’s been forever. Maybe because it was unexpected it was easier to do, but it was fun.  I missed the rush of it, the heart-pounding delight of it.  Thank you, Jim.”

“What are you thanking me for?”

“For saying yes, for being supportive, oh I don’t know, for being here!  All of it!  I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Sure you could, your spectacular.  The time was right, Jenna.”

“I guess it was.”

They headed home after Jenna introduced them to the band and thanked Harold for the opportunity.




  1. Sheryl says:

    A lot of fun! The action tags are nicely done. I can’t wait to read the others tomorrow.


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