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Aging and Suffering


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As we aged we looked forward with cheers

To what they used to call the golden years

Of relaxing, lounging, and a carefree life

Growing old as husband and wife

Instead, it seems the system, the elderly has failed

Along with aches and pains, greed has now prevailed

Suffering, elderly choose to eat or buy medicine

Perceived by moneyed men as an embarrassment

Their existence no longer considered worthwhile

They are shelved among the rank and file

Though they paid their dues as part of a productive society

Living out their life with worry concern and now anxiety

This gross negligence to all our dear elderly ones

Must be addressed immediately by everyone

Shout out loud from yonder rooftops or on your soap box

End the insanity, the greed, and mans inhuman pox

Act now, be strong, stand up and be the buffer

Before it is too late and it is your turn to suffer

Show our elderly that we care and they are appreciated

No longer allow them to be so seriously denigrated

For once upon a time they too were young

Suffused with life, hope, their voices filled with song

Don’t allow this madness to continue, do not conform

Now we must be their voice, stand tall and affirm

They are valued, for all they’ve given and all they’ve done

To make our world a better place, and we shall then have won


May this poem not fall on deaf ears, but many willingly stand guard to protect and

assist those now frail with age and in need of a helping hand!














  1. Sumyanna says:

    This has been happening for done time now and Seema to get worse. So horribly sad as our elders truly deserve respect. They have forged the way ahead for us and they have lots of wisdom to share.


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