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Nathan 123


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When Nathan signaled his men to enter the fourth warehouse, they hit pay dirt.  He was horrified at discovering every manner of weapon skillfully hidden inside other objects inside crates.  They’d brought sophisticated equipment and upon scanning, found the mother-load.

They moved away toward a parking area two blocks from the site and Nathan called Jester and showed him the scans.  Jester was equally horrified.  “Damn it, Nathan, we have to stop this.”

“Have you found any useful information?”

“Not enough to securely lock him in.  At this point, mud would fly his way, but enough wouldn’t stick, all it would accomplish is muddying the waters.”

“Then we need an inside man, someone he wouldn’t be afraid to deal with.  Do you have anyone that fits the bill?” Nathan asked hopefully.

“Yes, I just might.  I have dealings with an outsider, someone known to play both ends but it could be risky.  He could turn on us and sell us out as easily, but he’s our best hope.  Whether his word will stand in court, is another matter.”

“It’s something we’ll have to risk.” Nathan was firm on this.  “Set it up, Jester, we’ll see how far it goes.”

“It’s in the works as we speak then, Nathan.”

Nathan clicked off without another word.  It was iffy at best, but the only possibility at this point unless they found his buyer.  If they could find a pressure point to use against him, or his cohorts, they might find another in, but so far that had proven useless.

Returning home, he found Jenna, Emma and Jim enjoying a glass of wine while sitting at the puzzle.

“You seem to have made good use of your time.”  He walked toward Emma and hugging her close, felt the tension.

“What happened?”  He looked directly at Jim.  They shared a glance and Jim filled him in on the evenings events.

“Well, perhaps we are getting somewhere after all.”  He informed them about the warehouse findings.

“No wonder they killed that poor woman.  She must have witnessed a meet or transaction and they were afraid it would come out.”  Jenna’s eyes were like saucers.  “It explains why they want to shut Emma down too.  Word of this gets out, the guy’s toast.”

“Indeed, Jenna, that’s the point in a nutshell.”

“So what’s the plan, Nathan?”

“Jester has some sources, we’re setting up a buy.”

“That’s pretty risky isn’t it, if this guy isn’t solid?  Couldn’t his word be used against you instead, if he suggests it was a legit meet and  you were the buyer?”

“Only if Jessop gets wind of the set-up.  Otherwise, it will work.”


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  1. Sheryl says:

    Very suspenseful.


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