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Nathan 122


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Nathan had contacted Jester on the QT after explaining the current situation and updating him on what he’d found in the warehouse.  Jester was admittedly concerned and promised reliable intel with connections on Jessop as soon as they were available.  Although the arms world was a small world, it was well protected and key players well under wraps.  He’d find the clues, he had good people as did Nathan.  Together they’d find the links and tie Jessop up solidly. Nathan felt frustrated.  This wasn’t moving along as quickly as expected or hoped.

He planned on making another trip to the other warehouses listed later tonight and he’d inadvertently enlisted Jim’s help in involving Emma in their plans for the evening.

Night fell, they ate dinner together after which Jim, Jenna and Emma hurriedly changed to attend Winter Cabaret’s “Wonderland” a whimsical cabaret and burlesque show that promised a glittering parade of nostalgia exploding with dance, laughter and “all the cheer of yesteryear” at Pikes Place.  Jenna was an avid fan and when they noticed the attraction, were quick to obtain tickets.

As they piled into the limo, Emma wondered what Nathan was up to.  She was sure he was behind her inclusion in tonight’s festivities and although she was nearly as excited as Jenna, felt his influence, which meant he was purposefully excluding her.

Nathan and his people met up at the dock converging on the third warehouse listed as owned by Jessop.  Oddly, the place was left unguarded.  Something was wrong.  Jessop wasn’t this sloppy.  They’d disabled all the cameras at the last warehouse and he should have been none-the-wiser regarding their visit.

He motioned for half his men to enter from the far left and he and the rest moved to the right. They entered, inching forward, moving through the aisles looking for similar crates as previously found.  As they began opening crates, the outer doors flew open and a half dozen gun-wielding men entered, firing indiscriminately.  Contingency plan in place, Nathan hustled his men through a third door without injuries and made good their escape.

Jessop’s intel was top notch or he wouldn’t have managed to remain undetected this long.  As they drove away, intent on finding the 4th warehouse hidden on a back lot close to the edge of town, he texted Jim.  “Alert level One!”  Jim would know what that meant and act accordingly.

It was a fun filled evening all three enjoyed and they were chatting about the act, standing in front of the limo, when two men raced up behind grabbing Jenna.  A masked man in a gravelly voice suggested, “Don’t think about it.  I have a gun at your girlfriend’s side and I’ll kill her if you so much as blink.”  Jim watched as he pulled Jenna backward.  They didn’t expect action from Emma and with a lunge, she slammed her high heel into the closest man’s instep, she following through with a slam into his solar plexus a punch to his nose and a kick to the groin.  He was effectively out of commission as Jim attacked the man holding Jenna who’d been taken off guard by Emma’s sudden unexpected action.  Jim ripped his arm from Jenna, twisted straightened and had him on the ground with his hands locked behind his back and cuffed before he could take a breath.  Instantly landing on the 2nd perp he slammed a fist into his face before slamming another into his glass chin and he was out.  Jim cuffed him and called Nathan and the police.

Looking directly at Jenna he asked, “You alright lovey?”

Although somewhat shocked she replied, “Yeah, I guess so.”


“I’m good.”

“Brilliant work, Emma.  You’re a fast learner.”

“I had the best teacher.  I was scared Jim, didn’t know whether to move or not, but I couldn’t take the chance of him getting Jenna.”

“You did good, Emma, real good.”

“Is this normal for you, Jim?”

“More often than not, Jenna, when I’m on a case.  It hits closer to home when its friends and family.”



  1. Sheryl says:

    What a great way to end the day. How fun and exciting.


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