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Nathan 121


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Although he preferred Jim have this time with Jenna and vice versa (Jim could more than take care of her should the need arise) he took him aside to bring him up to speed relating all that had transpired regarding Harold, Emma, his team and himself.

Jim was speechless; in part, because he’d missed the action, in part because the situation was escalating and quickly.  Never one to remain out of the loop, the situation had bypassed him.  On some level, it felt good.  It had been a long time since he’d permitted himself time to relax.  And he was.  Jenna was a delight.   As different from Emma as humanly possible, yet the same in everything basic that mattered.  They were cut from the same cloth.

While she was artistic (and like Nathan saw everything through an artist’s eyes) she was also pragmatic and realistic.  He’d witnessed her compassion at the theatre and earlier with her family.  He wanted more.  More time, more Jenna, just more.  He was confident she felt the same.  They’d shared over the moon spectacular romantic moments as well as dreams and their ideas for their future.  If their futures could combine, he’d be a happy man.

Jenna took Emma aside for a woman to woman chat.  “I really like Jim, Emma.  He has a profound sense of duty and honour but he’s caring, involved and down to earth too yet manages to take me to the stars and back.”

“Sounds like he might be a keeper.”  Emma’s sigh was a mixture of happiness and pure pleasure for Jenna and Jim.

“I’m trying not to overload him, but I feel as though every moment is so precious I want to fill each with a memory.”

“Any thoughts on moving or staying with me for awhile?  That might solve time constraints.”

“I have.  Jim and I discussed the possibility.  It would be easy to move my recording equipment here.  My contacts are there, but opening a studio here and adding to the contact list can’t hurt.  Jim suggested making inquiries on properties and he’s looking into possible properties for me.  I really can foresee the possibility of living here, Emma.”

Emma hugged her close.  “I wouldn’t mind having you close, and if you’re happy with the idea and contingencies, then, let me know how to help, I’m in.”

“Even though the situation that brought us all together is less than ideal, I can’t imagine not having met Jim.  It’s a relief on several levels he’s not into the music scene, as a performer at least, his interests are so diversified that we’re together on so much, but separate as well and maybe that’s something I really needed but wasn’t aware of.”

“I know what you mean.  Nathan is completely different than any man I’ve ever met, but on the things that count, he’s everything I could hope for.”



  1. Sheryl says:

    Awww. That was so sweet.


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