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Nathan 115


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Emma wasn’t sure what arrangements Nathan would come up with to accommodate Jenna and Jim’s alone time, but she knew he’d work it out because he was an organizer of the first order with Jim’s welfare at heart.

Nathan asked Jim to accompany Jenna to a set of rooms he’d had prepared in the other wing (he currently considered the guest wing) since he didn’t require the space and had Jim accompany her to her quarters.  Smiling triumphantly he thought ‘that takes care of that’.  He’d taken Jim aside and quietly suggested he take a few days off since he’d been working non-stop.  Since they were home, he could manage the situation nicely from his home office.

Jim acquiesced after significant persuasion.  It wasn’t easy for him to give up on his duties once he’d become vested and he was vested.  Having Jenna close was certainly a pull that distracted and he’d thank Emma later for having thoughtfully arranged the opportunity.  The woman was amazing, her concern and care all encompassing (for family and friends) and she moved heaven and earth to make opportunities work.  If she hadn’t he suspected Nathan might have.

Everyone slept in and it was mid morning when they all met up in the dining room for a breakfast of crepes (and all the right fixings according to everyone’s taste) along with bacon and sausages, a hearty meal Jim would appreciate.

When Emma and Nathan arrived, they found Jenna and Jim involved in a liplock and grinned. “Good morning all.”  Emma’s glance going from one to the other.  Jim looked slightly guilty while Jenna smiled knowingly.

“Good morning you two.  Looks like you slept well.”

“Indeed, I can vouch that we did.  How about you Jenna?”

“Great, juuust great.”

Nathan suggested, “We wondered if Jenna might be interested in a tour of Seattle, Jim.  Perhaps we could all go, enjoy some sightseeing together, then I’m afraid business calls and I’ll have to return.”

Jim would have balked but Emma piped up, “Jim, I hear you’re on a mini-vacation, so I can’t think of anyone who’d do Seattle justice more than you.  I have an assignment I need to take a look at so I’ll return with Nathan.”

Jenna was delighted at the prospect of seeing the sights, but also getting a lay of the land, perhaps take a look at the business sector, find out what was selling, what was popular and what was considered upcoming and whether what she had to offer might fit in.  The alone time with Jim was definitely one of the perks.








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  1. Sheryl says:

    I’m glad I was able to read both updates on Nathan before heading out to work. Nicely done my dear.


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