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Nathan 114


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As New Years Celebrations went, this one was pretty spectacular and Emma was delighted her family had adapted to the situation so well.  Everyone was having a wonderful time, all due to Nathan’s care and generosity.  She felt herself slide a little more in love with him.

Before long everyone would return to their lives and it would be a while before they were together again.  The enjoyment, fun, hilarity, and games becoming a snapshot in memories carried forever, a reminder of a special occasion shared.

Nathan booked one of the smaller banquet rooms for privacy but also to enable everyone to enjoy a final meal together as family and friends and it became a festive affair of its own.

Emma took Nathan aside and suggested inviting Jenna to accompany them back to his place and failing that, she intended asking her to stay with her at her home.  The situation between her and Jim was exciting to watch, and if it stood a chance of becoming something special, she wanted to give them the opportunity.

When Nathan agreed, she approached Jenna, suggesting she come stay with them in part because she’d been missing her, and in part as an opportunity to extend her business out west if so interested.  Jenna jumped at the chance.  Her store was currently manned, technically she had a couple of weeks and flat out admitted it would give her and Jim an opportunity to know each other in more intimate settings that offered thus far.  Emma was completely delighted with the prospect.

When their final goodbyes were said, hugs exchange all round, they boarded Nathan’s plane were transported back to the homestead and from there depart individually.

Jim was so busy heading operations and with some fancy maneuvering on Nathan’s part,  he was momentarily out of the loop and when the dust settled was surprised at finding Jenna on board the plane when they boarded.  Although quickly masked, his delight had been momentarily obvious to all.

Settling back into protection mode, he immediately distanced himself to oversee the care of Emma’s family.  Once assured everyone was prepared for the family’s respective return, he settled into his seat.

He gestured to Jenna and she joined him and they watched out the window together chatting amiably.

Emma smiled knowingly up at Nathan who pulled her close and whispered, “It’s about time he found someone special.  He deserves her, and she, him.  They’ve both had a rough go of it.”

Emma whispered back, “I hope they find true happiness.  I can attest it can never be overstated.”   Nathan squeezed her tight.






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