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Nathan 113


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Nathan investigated New Years Events planned throughout Maryland informing everyone he’d arrangement to fly them to Annapolis as there were dual fireworks shows (one for early risers and children) and one later which introduced the New Year.  He’d procured several rooms at an elegant hotel from which to watch (should they not wish to attend personally) or he’d obtained a sectioned area from which they could enjoy undisturbed outside closer to the fireworks.

He was amused as they ribbed and teased each other, as eagerly charmed by the advent of a trip on a private jet as the prospect of witnessing the fireworks show, which he knew was an event they rarely missed whether watching on tv or in person.

Emma was filled with pride and squeezed his hand in acknowledgment of the special lengths he’d gone to in producing the rooms, the seating, the plane and all for their protection.  Her eyes glowed as she looked warmly into his.  “You couldn’t be more special.”

“Your family deserves this and more.  Not only are they salt of the earth, but they care deeply about you and their concern is palpable.” Tweaking her nose he continued, “And I know they are as special and loved by you.  It’s just another step, Emma.”  Before she could ask ‘step to what’ he moved off to show Daniel some interesting programming from which to order the movie of his choice.

They arrived with plenty of time at the Hotel and were shown to their rooms.  Each had a connecting suite (with his people ensconced next door) for their protection.  They dressed warmly and headed outside for the fireworks show.

Everyone agreed it was more special and amazing not only because they were witnessing it in person, but because it was the best fireworks show to date.  When the first show finished, they returned to their rooms to partake of a late dinner served in their rooms.  While some were interested in returning for the late fireworks show, Daniel and family declined, saying they would put the baby to bed and perhaps watch from the Hotel.

Emma snuggled next to Nathan.  “I love fireworks.  I know I’ve mentioned ‘favourite things’ before, but they really are special to me.  I’ve loved them since I was a child, and for New Years, it’s got to be the highlight for me.   Christmas is for children but New Years is for adults.”

“I have something special planned for us later.”  Her jaw dropped and he continued, “Nothing as grand or spectacular as before, but I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the evening.”

The clock struck midnight and immediately the whooping and hollering began as everyone yelled “Happy New Year!”

Returning to their room, Jake covered her eyes and slowly assisted her inside.  Jazz played softly in the background and he moved her forward. “Ok, open your eyes,”  he instructed.  Upon doing so, Emma witnessed a mountainous cake with sparklers tucked all around and a large bottle of champagne.

“How delightful!”  she squealed.

“The others will have some in their rooms as well, but mini versions.”

Nathan sliced a piece of cake for each, drizzled thick chocolate sauce over the top and poured the champagne.  “To you, my lovely Emma.  May the new year hold nothing but great joy, blissful peace, unending happiness, and special moments with family and friends surrounding you in all your endeavours.”


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