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The older you get the more important the internal

As we focus on other things besides the external

We witness changes we can do little about

For time effects our body both within and without

It’s not easy to be gracious when your body sets limits

Used to doing what we want, easily within minutes

Now a slower pace we duly select

Or our bodies will greatly object

Even though the interior feels exactly the same

Our thoughts and feelings fight and disclaim

We must now slow down, relax and take stock

The interior is important, nothing here to mock

As days turn into weeks then months and then years

We can look back with fondness and joyous tears

Accepting of all that once was

Happily living with inner applause









  1. That is so beautiful and so true too 🙂


  2. cwaugh212 says:

    I can vouch that the body is really protesting
    It just cannot do what you’ve been suggesting
    The joints get old and the muscles recede
    Before we could do, but now we just read.
    We slow down with age
    And turn a new page
    How disheartening it is when we must concede.


  3. geminilvr says:

    well said


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