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As the new year approaches, the countdown is on

May you be filled with cheerful lighthearted song

Your bucket list, whether it be short or long

Become filled, as you prevail, happy and strong

Overcoming life’s obstacles, lighthearted remain

May your confidence overflow, bubble like champagne

Full of hopeful optimism and cheer

Guiding you onward, throughout the year

Being optimistic and positive will help diminish

Obstacles and hurdles, to get to the finish

As upward and onward, we continually strive

To grow as humans, understanding derive

Though the journey of life, both arduous and sweet

Lessons learned, some powerful, some bittersweet

Growing and changing and constantly aspire

Becoming someone we personally admire







  1. I’ve never felt the need for a bucket list, maybe it’s more of a Canadian/ American thing…… you must have big buckets over there πŸ˜‰


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