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“Mope, mope, mope.  Stop moping about!  You are driving me crazy!” Pearl cried.

“I’m not moping!” Jane replied feeling quite miffed.

“You are!  What else would you call this?” Pearl gestured wildly.  “You’re broody, sulky, dragging around the room listlessly staring out the window or picking pencils up and dropping them endlessly always with that huge OMG sigh!  I’d say that’s moping!”

“I’ve never moped, not ever, not once!” Pearl was beyond exasperated at the suggestion, she was affronted and offended.

Pearl wrapped her arms around her and dragged her to a mirror.  “See that expression?  That’s mope!  Huge mope, over the moon mope!”

“Ok, so perhaps it is a little bit of a mope.”

“Little bit? OMG!”  Pearl’s eyes rolled.  “You ‘mope’ better than anyone I’ve ever met!”

“So, ”

“Do something!  Get up, get dressed and challenge that creep.  Show him who the winner is.  Prove it’s you.  Don’t give in without a fight, dragging around like an old rag doll that you aren’t!  You know you can win the challenge hands down.  You’re one of the best singers in the competition (such as it is).”

“What do you mean such as it is?”

“You don’t have any competition!  There isn’t a single person that can hold a candle to you.  You’re it!  You’ve got it in the bag, you’ve won!  You just let that jerk get to  you for some reason.”

“Dickson said I was a washed up has-been who never got started and I should be singing karaoke on karaoke night!”

“What else would you expect him to say?  For one, he’s a whiner, a  whiner of the first order, a grade A loser backing a losing singer.  Think he would sing the praises of the best singer in the high school competition?  Not likely!”

“Aaaand, not to mention, he’s always good at honing in on other people’s weaknesses.  Guess he’s figured out yours.  You don’t realize you’re great.  I don’t get that, buut, that is what’s going on.”

“Ya know, I didn’t realize I had doubts about myself.  I’ve always loved singing, thought I was pretty good and sang for fun, mostly.  This is the first time I’ve thought of entering any competition.”

“See, it’s nerves, you’re feeling edgy.  You are going to be great!”  Seeing that ear to ear grin she persisted, “Now, go, choose your song, and sing your heart out!”

“You’re right, thanks for the kick in the butt Pearl.”

“Hey, what’re friends for?”  She hugged her before pushing her out the door.







  1. Sing ye choir of Angels! Sing in Exaltation … or with a microphone … or to win the prize. But sing! SING!


  2. cwaugh212 says:

    You kick but, or should I say butt?


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