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Nathan 110


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Once everyone was comfortably ensconced in games or just wandering around, Jim contacted his people.  He took Nathan aside.  “They are closing in on the Bank’s residence.  Seems another vehicle joined in.  Our people are inside awaiting their arrival.  They will be met with deadly force.”

“I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but since it has, tell our people, no holds barred take them down!  Any and all force required.  I’ve contacted the police and they stand at the ready.”

Emma watched Nathan and Jim.  Her nerves were on edge.  Even if they took this crew down, nothing said more wouldn’t come in their place.  She felt guilty about involving her family.  She couldn’t help it.  Their welfare meant everything to her. It was a relief they had somewhere else to go.  Daniel and her dad would take it in stride but the women wouldn’t.  Her mother wasn’t a fragile woman, but she’d never been involved in anything like this.  Fran’s concern would center on the baby as she’d been involved with Daniel since before his tour in Afghanistan.  Therefore, she knew what to expect and knew Daniel could hand himself.

Within minutes Nathan walked her way.  They toured the room and stopped in the kitchen area.  “My men have handled the situation, but I think it’s best we remain here for a day or two.  It’ll take time for the enemy to regroup.  At this point, they don’t know about my home and it’s location.  All they’ll know is you were gone when they arrived and they were met with enough force to take them down.  It’s the holiday season so obtaining lawyers to extract the survivors from jail will also take time.”

“I don’t know what to say, Nathan.  I’m relieved you handled the situation but I don’t know …. they’ll be back, or others like them.  Perhaps I should return to your home where my family won’t be involved.”

“Nothing says (because you’re with me) they won’t try for your family again, Emma.  Since they can’t get to you, they’ll certainly pick a target that means something to you.  That’s your family.  They’re safe here and well protected.  More so than at your parents home since I have complete surveillance inside and out and the grounds are already blanketed with my people.  They won’t get close.”

“That’s a relief.  I’m not sure how we’ll be able to distract the family, though.  There’s only so much we can do.  We’ve played games, sung songs, there aren’t any albums to involve them with so …”

“What about movies?  They enjoy movies as I recall.”

“Brilliant!”  Emma smiled.

“I have a media room, soundproof with seating for all.  Once everyone’s eaten, I’ll suggest a couple movies.  I have hundreds available, I’m sure we’ll find something they all enjoy.”

“That will work.”  Emma sighed.  It might be a momentary reprieve but she’d take it.




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