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Nathan 109


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Nathan understood Emma required some alone time with her dad and returned to the house.  Inside Jim was standing off to the side looking pensive.  As soon as he spotted Nathan, he gestured and they retired to the “den”.

“Seems we have trouble brewing.  My men spotted a vehicle complete with blacked out windows approximately three miles out.  Four men got out, heading this way, they were carrying.  I think it’s time to move everyone out.  I don’t think the family needs to see any fall out or carnage.”

“Alright, have the limo brought around.  I’ll gather the troops, we’ll head to my place and exchange residences, for now, with the others stationed there.  If these people are intent on trouble, they’ll be met with head-on force.”

The second Emma and her father returned, Nathan took Jack aside and explained the plan.  Emma was in charge of gathering Sarah, Jenna, Fran and the baby and a backpack each.  Jack conferred with Daniel and Jackson instructing them to hurry after filling them in.  They quickly hustled to their rooms to collect overnight gear.

Once the mad dash was complete, Nathan collected the women and bustled them into the waiting limo with Jim in charge, while the men climbed into one of the all-terrain vehicles which Nathan drove.

Both vehicles were filled with tense people.  Emma trying for calm suggested, “I’ve never seen Nathan’s home here.  I understand it’s a log home and quite large with rooms for everyone.  It’s well stocked with everything we could possibly need to continue enjoying.”

“How about some songs, Jenna, something upbeat we all know and can sing along with.”

Jenna chose Olivia Newton John’s “You’re the One That I want” which everyone knew and Emma followed up with “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.  Jim immediately turned some music on and they sang along with Adele, Megan Trainer, Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion.

They managed to lighten the mood for a time, but it was obvious their thoughts kept returning to the situation at hand.  “Look, I know you’re all concerned, but we have the best men protecting us, Jim, Nathan and a crack team hand-picked by Jim.  When he says we’re safe, we’re ok, we are, you can take that to the bank.”  Emma paused before continuing, “Look at it as a change of location, a continuation of our holiday, but at Nathan’s.”

“Thank you, Emma, I appreciate what you’re trying to do.  It’s simply that none of us have ever been in this situation before.  It’s unnerving and a little scary.  What if…”

“We’ll be equally protected at Nathan’s, more so in fact.  I’ve seen the surveillance video, I know where they are and am aware of what they can do.”

Jim applauded Emma’s efforts.  She was a keeper.  Jenna tossed a look his way from time to time and he smiled reassuringly.  He watched her relax and redouble her efforts at sidetracking the rest.

It took them over an hour to arrive at Nathan’s, but when they arrived, they were stunned at the beauty of the house and grounds.  It was a mansion compared to their home.  Inside it was decked with a beautiful array of Christmas decorations and so welcoming.  Everyone was assigned bedrooms which were massive and homey.

Nathan had caterers prepare a feast and it was prepared and waiting.  Coffee tea and wine stood at the ready.  It took a little doing, but eventually, everyone had recovered enough to relax and settle into a few games with music playing in the background.




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