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Nathan 104


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Breakfast was a quick affair with toast, yogurt and whatever anyone wished to mix in.   Then it was card playing time. Rumoli was the favoured winner and the chips were anteed out, cards divide up with everyone settled in for the duration.

Jokes flew, teasing began in earnest, as each player attempted to outdo the other.  They baited, they quibbled, they finagled their way through several rounds.  It was all great fun and through it all Nathan, Jake, Emma and Jim were on alert.  Not that anyone else would notice, the glances were subtle.  Nathan’s gaze passed over the others observing.  Emma’s eyes darted under the cover of her lashes at Jim then Nathan.  Jim glanced surreptitiously at his phone from time to time.  While Jake sat back as if completely at ease glancing from Jim to Nathan.  No one else would understand.  Nathan did, for when his glance went to either of them, there was a look in his eye and it wasn’t related to game play.

Interestingly, Jenna would sneak a peak glance at Jim when she thought no one was watching.  Her attraction for the man was growing daily.

Sarah cuddled the baby as much as mom would allow while mom quietly disappeared to nurse the baby since she’d have to change or bathe the baby anyway, but as soon as she was back, she was right into kibitzing with the rest.

The only time they took a break was when they decided a lunch break was in order and croissants were on the menu much to everyone’s delight, along with lots of veggies and dips.

For a change of pace, they dressed and headed back outside.  A slight skiff of snow had dropped half filling in their footsteps and they walked several feet from the front door and the snowman and woman contest was on.  They’d set a time limit and Sarah was in charge.  It didn’t take long for both teams to roll out a bottom base and with everyone pushing and sliding they were having a blast.

In the end, however, they managed a tie since both snowman and snow woman were equivalent in dimension, height and over all look.  The topper as Nathan saw it was the perky scarf that had appeared as if from nowhere and standing back, he couldn’t resist a picture of the happy crew standing around their snowy effort, huge Cheshire grins upon their faces.

A quick game of tag ensued which lasted twenty minutes before a cold breeze blew in and they returned inside for another card game.



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