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Nathan 103


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When they woke, Nathan and Emma snuggled for awhile, enjoying the privacy and intimacy for a little while longer before joining the boisterous crowd that was family.  They listened to the distant murmur of voices and laughter.  Nathan hugged Emma close, “They are a great deal of fun.”

“Yes, they are.  I love them all so much.”  Emma smiled appreciatively.  “I’m not sure which is the craziest of the lot.”

“Pretty sure it’s a tie between you and Jenna but Daniel runs a close second.”

Emma laughed at that.  “You haven’t seen anything yet.  Wait until Daniel hits his stride.  He’s watching.  Deciding what’s what.”

“You mean with the situation, or with Jim and myself?”

“Probably both, knowing Daniel.  His training kicks in first, and when he’s comfortable with who or whatever, then he hits his stride.”

“Nothing wrong with that.  His training comes to mind first, it’s protective mode,” Nathan acknowledged understanding very well.

“They like you.”

“I’m glad because I like them, all of them. Your family is quirky, fun, honest, caring.  What more is there?”

“Oh, I could name a few things like honest seekers of justice, eloquent and very dear…a lot of the same qualities I see in you.”  Emma kissed him soundly.  “Ok, let’s get going.”

Emma sat up about to hop off the bed when Nathan’s arm curved around her and she landed back on the bed, “Hey!”

“Hey what?”  Nathan kissed her senseless then let go. “Ok, now!”

Emma lay there, well that put completely different thoughts in my head.”

“Good.  What I was aiming for.  Now you know how I feel every moment I’m around you, whether I can act on it or not.”

“That was mean.  No…evil!”  Emma growled at him.

Nathan smiled and as she rose, tapped her bottom.  “Let’s go get them, tiger.”

Emma laughed and returned the bottom smack as he walked by.

Dressing quickly, they joined the milieu that was her family, grinning ear to ear.  This was more fun than they’d expected considering the circumstances.  Emma felt exceedingly blessed and very happy.



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