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Enthusiasm (Nathan 98)


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On that note, everyone stood and mingled and had something else to drink, whether coffee tea or eggnog.

Jenna suggested Christmas Charades and enthusiasm was running high.  Everyone decided on a song movie or story relating to Christmas and wrote it down on a piece of paper which was folded thrown into a hat and shuffled. Instead of teams, the participants stood on their own and the winner got whatever was in the Christmas hat under the tree.

It was decided they’d take turns alphabetically which mean Angelina went first. With great fanfare, she pulled a slip of paper from that hat and taking a moment to prepare gave the signal she was ready.

Her song was Jack Frost and she began her pantomime flat on the floor, waking up peering about as if surprised.  Hopping to her feet she began playing an instrument, the harmonica.  Her gestures were hilarious and got wilder, momentum carrying her along.  All manner of guesses were made and out of the blue Jenna cried,  “Jack Frost!  It’s Jack Frost!”  Angelina placed her finger on her nose, then pointed at Angelina who whooped and hollered endlessly.

So the game went until everyone had a chance to act out what was written on their piece of paper.  Hilarity ensued as with great enthusiasm, eagerness, and gusto each participant took their turn.

Pretty soon they were nibbling and lunch was prepared.  Sarah had made a gigantic pot of thick nourishing soup along with a pile of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.  Everyone was invited to grab their food and take it to the table.  Christmas music played in the background and plans were suggested about what to do next.






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