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Nathan 96


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The whole merry crowd gathered around the dining room table and the ribbing had already begun with Jake leading the way.  Nathan and Jim exchanged knowing glances.  This family deserved protection.  They were good people to each other and everyone lucky enough to come in contact with them.

The entire gang hopped up and proceeded to clear the breakfast remains away and clean up after which they settled in pajamas around the living room prepared for participate in a word and songs game.

Jake introduced the rules as no one had played the game before and it was a new one for all of them. He divided them into two groups.  Each assigned a leader for their group and came up with a word and the rest had to sing a song containing that word.  A free for all ensued as each sang loudly and proudly out of tune.  Except when it came to Jenna.  They all stopped and listened to her incredible voice.  Nathan and Jim exchanged glances.  Her voice was incredibly beautiful with a soulful edge to it.  Nathan leaned toward Emma.  “She’s incredible.  How often does she sing?  Or does she?” he asked.

“Jenna used to.  This is a first.  She hasn’t been able or rather willing to sing since her partner died in a freak plane accident. They were an incredible duo and had made quite a name for themselves.  Her heart wasn’t in it after that. This is a breakthrough of sorts.  I was really surprised dad even suggested singing.  But he seems to have a sixth sense when someone is ready to overcome an obstacle.  He’s pretty remarkable. It’s his gift I’d guess you could say.”

“Hey, Daniel, that’s a repeat, not allowed!”  Her father stood and gestured for a replacement song.

Everyone laughed. He walked passed Daniel as he headed toward Jenna and elbowed him in the ribs.  “Nice try, though, gotta give you that.  It didn’t sound much like the original.” Everyone joined in the laughter and Daniel chose another song and sang loud and way off key.

“My ears bleeding yet?”  Jenna cried.

Her father hugged her close.  “Nope not yet.” Ruffling her hair he moved on to sit with his wife and gently squeezing her hand before settling in beside her.




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