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Nathan 94


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They were well into the second movie and it was nearly ended when they paused the movie to load the dishwasher a second time and bring in more firewood for the fireplace and once it was stoked, settled in to finish the movie.  One by one they headed off to bed for the night.

Nathan held Emma’s hands and explained he had some rounds to make so he could touch base with his crew promising he’d join her shortly.  Emma stood on tip-toes and kissed him lingeringly on the mouth.  “Last door, end of the hallway on the right side.”

Both Nathan and Jim headed to the coat closet and donned hats, grabbed their coats and boots and headed outside.

“Nice family,” Jim remarked.  “Lots of spunk the vitality.  Great sense of humour too.”

“Yeah, they have all of that in spades,” Nathan quickly agreed.

“Any movement?”

“Nothing so far.  They men are working in six-hour shifts co-ordinating from your place.  I have the local police on alert regarding everyone’s residence with continued police presence at each location.”

“Good to know.  Let’s take a quick tour of the layout so I’m in the loop.”  Jim led the way and it took them forty-five minutes to complete one circle of the area surrounding the house.

“Lots of area to cover, but it’s cleared for a half mile in all directions, so no one is going to sneak up on us.  We’de definitely see them coming.  The trees provide some cover, but the men are walking the perimeter so they’d spot anyone driving close to the property to intercept and redirect.”

“I have the names of the locals owners of nearby cabins and so far, most are empty. We’ll keep checking and verify should anyone show up.”

Nathan left some last minute instructions with Jim who relayed that information to his people.  Nathan entered the cabin first and following Emma’s instructions, gently knocked before entering.

Emma was garbed in warm very pretty flannel pj’s.  “That’s a new look.”

Emma laughed.  “I know, right?  It’s a case of comfort and warmth over seductive and sultry.”

Nathan joined her and wrapped her up tightly.  “You’d be sultry and seductive in a potato sack,” he suggested and continued to show her exactly how he felt.

Snuggled together Emma asked, “So, what’s happening?”

“I think your family has accepted both me and the situation,” he ventured by way of a re-cap.

Emma playfully punched his arm before drawing his arms around her and snuggling back in.  “Brat!  You know what I mean.”

“Everything that can be done, is being done.  Jim has it under control.  No worries, Emma, nothing out of the ordinary or peculiar to report.”

Emma sighed and within minutes was fast asleep.

Jim donned stretchy pants and a tee and climbed into bed in the room he’d been given nearest the door which suited him just fine.  He could hear the coming and goings and could respond immediately.  He left the phone charging and near him on the nightstand and fell quickly asleep.





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