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Nathan 88


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“I’m going to finish the painting I have started.  You can amuse yourself until I get back?”

“Certainly.”  Emma hugged him close.  “I have a million things to do.”

“Name one,” Nathan prompted.

“Get rid of you?” Emma’s quirky grin suggested she was teasing.

“On any other occasion, I might take up that challenge, but I have other serious business to attend to.  I need to finish this painting.”  Nathan dropped a kiss on her nose and disappeared.

Emma wasn’t kidding, she had a dozen letters to write to family and friends that wouldn’t make it home for Christmas and she settled down in front of her laptop and began writing.

She filled her closest friend, Miranda, in on what had been transpiring in her life and her attachment to Nathan.  They shared pretty much everything so it ended up becoming a long in-depth letter.

She dropped off a note to several colleagues and friends she’d gone to school with to let them know a ‘real’ card was in the mail, something they’d long promised to continue with instead of insta-grams.  Still, Emma enjoyed insta-grams and spent hours looking for the exact card to send and sometimes it was a challenge, but one she thoroughly enjoyed.

It was dark when she’d finished and stretching, she got up and headed to the kitchen.  “Hey there, Chef, what’s for dinner?”

He smiled at her charming off the cuff remark, having come to expect it from her.  “Chicken lorange, salad, french bread, rice and dessert.”

“Oh, yum, dessert!”  Emma’s eyes lit up in appreciation of the forthcoming treat.

“Another 1/2 hour and it should be ready,” he promised her.

“Sounds good, I’m sure I’ll do it justice, I’m famished.”



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