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Nathan 85


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Emma’s phone rang early the following morning.  When she looked at Caller I.D., she was surprised to find her it was her boss.

“Hello.  Merry Christmas, Harold.”

She heard a slight cough, “Emma, we need to talk.  Can you come to the office this morning?  The sooner the better.”

“Certainly, Harold, what about?”

“There have been some developments.  I don’t want to go into this over the phone.”

“Give me 40 minutes and I’ll be there,” Emma promised.

Showering, and preparing with care, Emma headed out the door wondering what was up.  Harold wasn’t given to needless drama, just the facts so she couldn’t help a dozen cogitations from flitting through her mind.  Was it about her personally, the job, the story?

Jim deposited her at the front door and she gracefully entered the building and headed directly to Harold’s office.  Speculative glances followed her with a few salutes and a couple of Merry Christmas ‘cat calls’ with a couple of the guys holding mistletoe over their head and gesturing their way.  She smiled and waved back and kept on going.



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