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Nathan 84


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They continued walking the length of the property before returning to the house.  Nathan suggested a late night snack and they gathered some pickles, crackers, cheese, and a lovely bottle of wine then settled in for some earnest puzzle making.

After a couple of hours, Emma went to the window to peer outside.  “Looks like it might stay.”

Nathan joined her.  “You could be right.”

Sighing Emma remarked, “Not dry enough to make snow angels or even snow balls at this point.”

Nathan opened the door and raced out to gather some snow and quickly making it into a ball raced to the kitchen and placed it in the freezer.  Emma roared.  “It’s on!” and she too raced outside and grabbed a handful of snow and as soon as she was inside, pretended to head for the freezer and as Nathan turned, she dumped it down his back and took off.

Nathan ran out grabbed another handful of snow and the race was definitely on!  Emma had run and hid and tried to muffle her laughter.  It was a big house and there was plenty of room to hide in, and as she heard him coming, muffled another giggle.  He heard her and opening the closet door attacked.  He rubbed snow over her hair and face before she could get away.

She doubled up in laughter.  “You wait until we get to Maryland, your ass is grass and I’m a lawn mower!” she promised on another laugh.

Heading to the bathroom to dry her hair, she couldn’t help smile.  Treasurable moments.  She had enjoyed so many with Nathan so far.  She was looking forward to many more.



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