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Nathan 83


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A very romantic evening ensued that left both Emma and Nathan feeling somewhat bemused at their cavorting and antics leaving them pleasantly sated with passion.

“Feel like a romp in the snow?”

“I think we just concluded a marathon, but yes, it would be lovely.”

They raced each other to see who could win the dressing race.  “I win, ha ha!”  Emma was amusedly danced around the bedroom. ”

“Next time!”  Nathan promised, grabbing at her tugging her into his arms planting a passionate kiss on her parted lips.

As they wandered the property, Emma asked, “How did you get into this business, Nathan?”

“I was on self-destruct after my parents died.  My uncle took me in and showed me another way of continuing, being, living.  I’m forever indebted to him.  I promised I’d continue on this path in response to his dying wish.”

“You must have been very close.”

“We were.  He took an angry young man and turned him into someone who values honour and justice above all else.”

Emma wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight.  “I’m glad he did and that you listened.  You could have easily gone the other direction.”

“He pointed out I had talent and not to misuse but treasure it.  On top of which he had a wonderful outlook.  He showed me how to handle grief and more importantly how to get beyond it so it didn’t consume me.”

“I wished I’d have met him.  He sounds like a wonderful man.”

“You’d have loved him.  He would have loved you!  You have the same sense of right and wrong and not backing down from a fight when it’s worth fighting.”

That touched Emma’s heart as nothing else he could have said and she squeezed him even tighter.  “OMG, it’s starting to snow.”  She pulled away and began dancing in circles and Nathan laughed aloud.

She held out her tongue waiting for a flake or two to land on it.  Nathan grasped her hands and she leaned back, tongue out, eyes closed and he twirled her in circles.  “Think we’ll get enough it might stay?”

“Not sure.  I’d have to check the forecast.”

“I supposed it won’t really matter, we’ll be in Maryland soon, and we’ll have plenty there, I’m sure.”

Nathan really laughed then, “This I can’t wait to see.  I imagine you flat out on the ground making snow angels and dancing in the snow catching snowflakes.”

“How’d you guess?”  Emma hip-bumped him.




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