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Nathan 80


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Returning to the car, Nathan turned around and headed toward the district that Harper had suggested he’d noticed the moving vehicles.

What they found was a completely abandoned area with half the building already demolished and a wrecking ball hanging in space prepared for use.

“Interesting,” Nathan remarked.

“Whatever they were concerned about moving has obviously been relocated,” Emma observed.

“Yes to an unknown location. Disappointing.  If we’de known about that angle we might have found out what was so interesting.  Someone was using a vacant building, maybe even unknown to the owner.”

“I’ll do some digging, find out who owned the property and whether it sold recently or if the land is still under the same name.  Either the owner was using the building for devious purposes or someone else was.  My bet is it was someone else and once they’d been spotted moved quickly to remove the evidence, whatever it was,”  Nathan remarked in an offhand fashion.

“It could have been anything. Nefarious or not, if they were using a space they didn’t own, it would behoove them to remove it lest someone start snooping around.  I still don’t understand how Sylvia Westwood figures into this.  No matter what was in the building, she was two blocks away.  Even if she passed by, she wouldn’t have necessarily figured out that someone else other than the owner was using the building.  And if she knew it was the owner, she might not have thought much of it.”

“Depends on what they had stored there.  It wouldn’t have been anything that would attract attention like a chop shop because that would have been too noisy.  The sound would have reverberated the area is too small for something like that. Something of that nature would stand out.”

After returning to Nathans house, Emma unpacked and hung her things up before adding her toiletry items to the connecting bathroom.

They munched on a chef salad with garlic bread and drank coffee before the fireplace.

“I’m scheduled to leave in four days for the homestead.”  Emma’s remark was completely off topic.

“I have a private plane we can use, Emma.  It would make things easier and quicker.”

“That would be handy,” she agreed.

“I also have property in Maryland.  It’s a cabin my parent’s own.”  He went on to explain where it was located.  “I’ll fly Jim and some of my people that don’t already have previous plans or commitments out there to stay for Christmas.”

“Is this something new, or something you’ve always done?”

“I need to check up on the property and I’ll effectively kill two birds with one stone as it were.  They’ll be handy should they be required and it’ll give them some breathing room.”





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