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Nathan 76


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Although they’d missed the Garden d’Lights at the Bellevue Botanical Garden, they could still enjoy Ivar’s Clam Lights at the Gene Coulon Memorial Park in Renton that encouraged a one-mile walk through the Park.  Afterward, they planned on attending Fantasy Lights in Spanaway Park entailing two miles of lighted displays.  If there were enough time they were prepared to drive through Candy Cane Lane in Ravenna as well as Olympic Manor in Ballar and maybe squeak in Woodinville Wonderland as well.  It was a fun-filled packed night.

Nathan mentioned the idea early that morning and they dressed warmly excited at the prospect of witnessing the annual Christmas gathering.  Emma had usually gone to her parents and missed all this, so enjoying Nathan’s company and witnessing what she’d read about was a very appealing proposition.

Emma spotted a couple of co-workers and waved but luckily the crowd pressing around them made meeting up an impossibility, which was good in Emma’s eyes as it meant escaping awkward questions regarding her absence.  Since she wasn’t sure what Harold had decided and whether he’d mentioned anything, indeed been asked any questions regarding her absence, she wasn’t sure how to respond should anyone ask.

“One day I hope I’m able to do something like this.  Whether on my own home or maybe volunteer somewhere. It’s quite lovely.”

“What do you parents do for Christmas?”

“Oh, the usual.  My father loves to decorate, so the house is festooned in colour and as many lights as will humanly fit.  My mother laughs every year and rolls her eyes.  It’s something he’s always enjoyed and she simply lets him go to it.”

Nathan laughed, “I bet I know which side of that fence you’re on.”

Emma giggled, “You’d be right.  I help with as much as I can, without stepping on his toes.”




  1. Sheryl says:

    I adore Christmas lights, we don’t have as many in the neighborhood as we used to. Bit’s like this really show a character and how well they are getting to know each other.


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