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Nathan 73


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“I’m so angry, Nathan, I’m absolutely furious!  If I wasn’t angry enough before at the uselss waste of that young woman’s life, I’m beyond irate at the thought it was for that bastard’s greedy gain. Truth be told it’s why I jumped into cooking dinner.  I couldn’t sit still a moment longer.”

“You do get used to it, unfortunately.  It comes with the territory and it becomes less surprising with each revelation.  Who does what to whom can take your breath away.”

“All the more reason to applaud what you do.  I only wished I could shout it from the rooftops.  Not only that it’s you and your dedicated and involved, but also because there is someone, namely you, that cares, really cares and is willing to do something about the injustices in the world.”

“I don’t stand on high moral ground here, Emma.  I just do the job.”

“No, you don’t do you?”  Emma hugged him close.

“It is touching that it touches you.”

“I don’t go looking for trouble, Emma, but I go prepared.”

“Have you ever come close to being injured or otherwise on a job?”

“Several times but I have good men and women backing me up.”

Holding him fiercely she said, “Good to know.”

“Dinner should be done shortly.”  As he stood, he lifted her and set her on her feet without removing his arm from around her waist. “I can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up.”

Emma laughed in response.  “Well, it probably had more to do with your willing staff than anything I did.”

“Let’s give it a go.”

As soon as they entered the dining room, the food was presented.  “Oooh it smells delicious.”  Emma rubbed her hands together.

Nathan laughed.  “I so enjoy watching you eat food.  You make each meal an event.”

“It should be.  Good food, good wine, it should all be eaten with appreciation and enjoyment.  Someone made it with loving hands and deliberate care.”

Nathan took the time once his plate was full to lean forward and take in the aroma and texture.  “Mm it smells heavenly.”  He lifted a forkful of pot pie and really tasted it, as Emma always did.  He spoke as soon as his mouth was reasonably empty.  “This is delicious.  I’m hoping the chef has the list of ingredients because this is most definitely repeatable.”

“I believe he does.  He certainly took note as we were assembling the pie.”

Nathan poured white wine to go with the pot pie and took a moment to swivel the wine and enjoy the aroma.

Emma smiled amused and captivated by his actions.  Hopping up she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him with a delightfully loud resounding smack on the lips.

“Whatever was that for?”

“You!  Just you!”







  1. Sheryl says:

    Awwwwww. so sweet.


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