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Nathan 72


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“So what’s for dinner?”  Nathan asked dipping her and holding.

“Chicken Pot Pie with Caesar salad and Jello salad with garlic bread.”

He lifted her and said, “Yum.” Kissing her deeply. “Delicious.” He remarked.

“It’s an old family recipe.  I hope you enjoy.”

“I’m sure I will.”

Settling her on his knee Emma cuddled in.  “So, what’s the update?”

“Not good news as far as I can discern.” The perplexed look carried a mixture of anger and frustration.

“I’m sorry, Nathan.  You did work together, didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes we did.  I’m looking into that now to make sure it was legit and not connected to any underworld activities he might have also been entertaining.”

“Is there any doubt?”

“I’ve just scratched the surface, primarily interested in our dealing together. I can’t afford to have his dirty work rubbing off and tainting anything I’ve done.  Not that it won’t when the shit hits the fan, but it’s something I’ll have to deal with when the time comes.”

“I take it, from what you’ve already discovered, the vein of corruption runs fairly deep.”

Leaning his forehead against hers, he replied, “Unfortunately it’s too soon to tell. If it runs as deep I think and he started earlier and it’s been ongoing, it will take considerable time to uncover.  He’s obviously good at covering his tracks.  I’ve investigated before.  I always do before I take on a client because I need to know for me the situation I’m going into doesn’t have ramifications for me or my people and my name as well as other ongoing situations.  At that time I didn’t find anything remotely suggesting his involvement in anything underhanded.  You can be sure I’ll be twice as thorough now.”

“Anything I can do on my end?”

“Thank you, Emma, but no.  I doubt your sources would be any more thorough than mine.”

“I could interview some of his acquaintances and people he works with.  I could suggest I’m doing an article on high-rollers and what they’re doing for Christmas and what if any volunteering they’re involved in.”

“The second he found out you aren’t employed at the moment with the newspaper, it would send up red flags.”

“I’m not sure my editor would divulge that information.”

“It depends on whether he has fingers in which pie.  Someone suggested to your editor that you do some digging on me, out of the blue.  We don’t know who instigated the idea or why.”

“Why would he want your undercover work known?”

“If he considered me a possible threat to his organization or if I worked a case that brought me within breathing distance of something he had in the works, he might blow hot air my way.  Enough blows your way, you eventually get burned.”


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