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Nathan 69


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Holding hands, they walked back to the car.  “Nathan, why don’t we take this back to your place where we can really peruse the contents properly.”

“I agree.  Privacy and protection.”

Nathan drove off while ever alert.  He’d spotted a nondescript vehicle turn onto the street behind them.  His first thought was that it might not be a perp so he made several turns slowing to point out Christmas displays to Emma then continuing on.  After the fourth jog down a dead-end street, he was sure they were being followed.  He had to question how they knew to follow them.  There’d been no indication they were tailed from his house and there were no taps on his lines.  He was well equipped electronically.  No one could break the codes he’d installed on his home or now on Emma’s devices.  That left only one option, they were expecting that either he or Emma would eventually contact the Marks family.

“Emma, prepare yourself. Seems we have picked up a tail and I intend losing him.”

Emma turned a startled gaze toward Nathan.  “I take it your sure.”

“Indeed. So here goes.”

He reversed the vehicle on a dime a took off in the opposite direction and as soon as it was safe to do so, increased his speed.  He took the highway where he could outmaneuver his opponent and successfully rid himself of the tail.  He hit a button on the dashboard and a green light appeared.  Emma watched his skillful moves before he shut the device off.

He continued on for several miles before taking an offramp, returned to their original course and headed home.

“What was all that?” Emma nodded toward the device.

“It is a counter tracking device.  I also alerted a team to his whereabouts and they’ll be on him almost immediately.  I let him follow long enough to engage.  Now we can head home.”

Emma reached over to touch his hand, grateful he was involved and had the know how to knock their opponents out of commission feeling indebted he’d chosen to become involved.

He turned on the street leading to his house.  He had alerted another team to set up along the road leading to his house.  Checking the readout he turned onto his private street.

Inside the house, they shrugged out of their coats and headed to the living room and settled in front of the tree.  Minutes later two mocha-coffees appeared and Emma thanked Martene, “Perfect, thank you, this really hits the spot.”  Martene smiled.

They each took a stack of papers and began combing through the information.  Emma stopped and glancing at Nathan said, “In case I ever forget, thank you, Nathan.”

Taking her hand in his he said, “For?”

“For being here.  For backing me.  For caring.  For getting involved.  Take your pick.  Personally, I’m grateful for all.”

Lifting her fingers to his lips he kissed each one individually. “I’m also grateful, Emma.  That you trust me, allow me to be involved, and that you care so deeply.  It’s touching, refreshing and heartwarming.”  The warmth of his gaze surrounded her, enveloping her in a delicious earnestness that unsettled her to her core.  For it was real and honest.  It was Nathan.




  1. Sheryl says:

    Emma should be the grateful one, he is far to accommodating. Loved it.


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