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Nathan 68


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Mrs. Marks asked, “Why are you so interested, so invested in this? I have to ask because we’ve heard nothing from anyone, not the cops who showed little interest in my son’s death to the paper itself.  A few co-workers dropped by to offer condolences and attended his funeral.”

Before Emma could respond Nathan replied, “Emma has been attacked by a man in the apartment building overlooking Ms. Westwood’s demise, and then at a theatre where she was working very recently.  I have a vested interest in her health and well-being and we both have a vested interest in your son and Ms. Westwood’s death.  Since both are connected and now connect with Emma’s investigation, we know we’re on the right track.  We also know after a discussion with the Editor that your son had notes on the article he was writing that have somehow disappeared.  We wanted to cross all the t’s and dot the i’s as we go.”

“Although it’s painful, it’s also a relief, knowing someone else cared about my son.  He was a good man.  He cared.  He was involved.  Perhaps more than he should have been, if it led to his death, but that was my son.  His fiance was behind him all the way.”

“Did he speak of any concerns regarding their safety?” Emma asked.

“He mentioned he thought he’d been followed and he was concerned for our welfare and for his fiance and friends.  He didn’t go into details and at the time, I was preoccupied with my daughter’s upcoming delivery.  I didn’t press the issue.  I’m not sure if he mentioned anything else to my husband, we can ask as soon as he’s back.”

Mr. Mark’s returned carrying a little plastic container.  “Here are the things from his desk which were delivered by the newspaper.  A young friend of his brought them.  The notes were hand delivered by my son.”

“Mr. Marks, did he seem agitated or mention concerns?”

Looking first at his wife, he sat, “Yes he did.”  He then outlined what his son had mentioned and sheepishly tossed a look at his wife.

“Why didn’t you tell me? ” his wife was angry and agitated.

“I didn’t want to concern you, dear.  Unless there were any incidents, there wasn’t anything to tell.”

“Have there been any incidents that concerned you, Mr. Marks?” Emma asked.

“Up until the funeral, I thought I was followed.  I can’t say for sure, I thought I saw a fella following me a few times, but he didn’t approach me so I let it go.”

“How are these notes supposed to help?” he asked.

“We were wondering if there was something in his notes to indicate who he thought was involved, someone that was calling the shots.”

“I didn’t read any of them, couldn’t.  But your welcome to them.  I hope they’re helpful.”

They stayed and chatted a few minutes more, but since it was obvious they Marks were feeling the strain, took their leave.



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