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When they woke the following morning, Emma snuggled into Nathan.   The evening had been so wonderful, it had been easy to keep the events of the day compartmentalized into a distant echo.  Today, however, it wasn’t as easy and perhaps some of her hitherto hidden tension seeped through.

Nathan placed fingers under her chin and lifted her head so their eyes met.  “Something is amiss, I feel it.” In response, Emma held onto his fingers and kissed them then squeezed tightly.

“I didn’t want anything to intrude on such a perfect night, and it was perfect, Nathan.  Completely!”

“Out with it Emma, please.  I’m on tender hooks here.”

“I’m a little confused, still.  At this point, I’m not really clear whether I still have a job or I lost it yesterday.”

Nathan sat up straighter, “Pardon?”

“There was an incident while I was covering the Charles Dickens play at the theatre.”  Emma went on to explain the incident and her “ex” bosses response as a result.

“I could clear this up for you, Emma,”  Nathan offered.

“No, I’d rather you didn’t.  It would put what you do in jeopardy.  Loose lips and all that.  Harold would never divulge a source, ever.  That doesn’t mean someone else might not overhear the conversation and run with it.  I’d back nearly all the staff I work with, unequivocally, but there are those bad apples everywhere that just want headlines or to make a buck.”

Sighing she remarked, “I told him I was on vacation as of that moment.”

“Did you know about any of this?” she asked curiously.

“The people at the theatre were mine, so yes, I was informed immediately.  The people that work for me, in this capacity, are some of the best there are.  Therefore the situation was handled adroitly and professionally.  I’d hoped for a little less involvement, but with the other newspaper and tv coverage, it might leak out.”

“All they’ll have witnessed is a seemingly angry man moving through the crowd.  And while some might have figured out his target, it’s unlikely since there was a large crowd present.  Other than your co-worker, I doubt anyone present would be any the wiser.”

“You know I appreciate Harold’s concern, but his over-reaction really upset me.  I’m still not letting anything derail my investigation and concerns.  This woman’s family deserve answers and I intend to find them.”

“I’m touched by your confidence in me and my abilities, Emma.  I promised I’d keep you safe and I will.  Having said that, perhaps we should invite Harold out here, where we can talk privately, lay it all out.”

“When we’re finished with the story and it’s completely resolved, it will be up to you, Nathan.  I promised you I would not report or mention what you’ve told me and I won’t.  What you do is invaluable and should remain discreet.  Not only because what you do is worthwhile but because you couldn’t do it anymore if someone were to ‘spot light’ your activities.  I’m good as I am.” Her assurance meant worlds, but still Nathan pondered the situation.

He knew there would be consequences, bringing her into his life.  He hadn’t considered the possibility of her losing her job, one she loved, one she was incredibly good at, not only because she reported in an unbiased honest truthful fashion.  Society as a whole deserved that. Seattle deserved that.




  1. Sheryl says:

    Wonderful, this and the previous chapter. ❤ this story.


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