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Nathan 65


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The carriage ride took them through untouched land before returning to the main road and as they passed through the vast area that was Nathan’s closest neighbours Emma sighed in delight.  Although rain threatened, throughout the ride they’d remained dry and snuggled together.  She hummed quietly, songs meaningful and hopeful and those Nathan knew, he readily hummed along.  It was quintessentially the most romantic moment in her life.

When they returned to Nathan’s, he assisted her from the carriage and they headed back inside.  Wrapping her arms around him Emma said, “This is one of the most beautiful, romantic, touching evenings I’ve ever known.” In her wildest most romantic dreams, she wouldn’t have come up with this evening.

“I’d move heaven and earth for you, Emma.  You excite and move me on levels even I didn’t know existed.”

“As long as I live, I won’t forget how precious I feel at this moment,” Emma promised.

As they headed down the aisle toward the bedroom they often shared, they passed the orchestra and Nathan took her in his arms and they danced. It was a perfect moment in time that both would cherish forever.


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