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Nathan 64


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Nathan knew this surprise touched Emma’s heart which made his gift more valuable than gold.  Watching her reactions as she relaxed into the moment, lost in the music, the food, the wine was a revelation to him.  In reality, he wondered who received the better gift, Emma or himself.  Every moment spent with Emma was such a delight, fraught with splendid surprise.  Clearly, there were layers upon layers, petals upon petals of discovery.  He could spend a lifetime with her and not know all her secrets.  It was a most tantalizing thought.

Emma turned just then surprising an exquisite expression of desire, yearning, intrigue and something less definable upon his face. In response, she leaned in and tenderly kissed his lips, a recognition of those intensely tender yet exciting emotions she’d watched transform not only Nathan’s face but his eyes as well.  She couldn’t resist deepening the kiss and they moved toward each other, wrapped in lust, excitement, yearning.

“How absolutely appealing you are, Emma.  Your lips are intoxicating.  Your smile alluring.  Your undisguised pleasure in so many things completely captivating.” Emma smiled appreciating him even more.

“I have something else to show you.”  Taking her hand in his, he rose and gently tugged her with him.

Emma rose, and they walked to the furthest end of the house.  There stood a beautiful carriage with four Clydesdales waiting.  Her quick intake of breath brought a smile to Nathan’s eyes.  He picked up a long glowing red cape with a white fluffy edging that matched the dress exactly.  On any other occasion, she might have thought it silly ridiculous or even pretentious but she was overwhelmed at how touching the moment was.  Little did he know that she secretly loved carriage rides and this was unlike any she’d ever ridden in.

The steps were so high he picked her up by the waist to deposit her on the lowest step and she carefully moved up and into the carriage.  He’d donned a heavy wool coat in keeping with the vintage look of the wagon and then produced a red and black plaid blanket in case Emma should require it.  Wrapping her up in his arms he nodded.  The carriage driver clicked his tongue and they were on their way.

Emma remained completely tongue tied and overcome by this thoughtful gesture that meant more than anything he could have done for her.




  1. Sheryl says:

    Moments are by far better than things. Nicely done.


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