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Nathan 61


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Emma was mindful of Harold’s concerns, but with Nathan’s backing, wasn’t worried about the situation.  Between his investigative skills and hers, they’d find the answers.  Even though a year had passed, there were breadcrumbs to find, and she was determined to find them.

When she found Marcy, they hopped into the Newspaper van to head downtown.  A local family had opened a new business inviting the press along with the general public as they prepared to cut the ribbon for their grand opening.

The storefront was decorated with a modicum of elegant crystal decorations that glistened like stars against a rich midnight blue background which struck Emma as surprisingly inviting.  Inside the store contained a large variety of crystals in every shape and size imaginable displayed against midnight velvet walls.  The display was elegant and understated.

Wood framed counters containing glass inserts held an incredible display of styles lengths and sizes of necklaces earrings and bracelets.  Midway through the store, hanging clusters of crystals glowed elegantly whether high-end chandeliers or inexpensive bobbles meant for fun.

Emma couldn’t resist and bought several items as stocking stuffers for all the women in her life.

As Marcy sauntered taking pictures of several displays as well as the length of the store and one encapsulating the exterior, Emma quickly took notes before interviewing the young couple obviously filled with delight and pride.  Stopping to ask a few shoppers what they thought, she asked if she could include them in her article and when they obliged she took their names and contact information.

“Marcy, you have what you need?”

“Yep, all done here.  I’m going to come back when I have more time.  I love the trinkets. They sparkle and shine so beautifully.  Can’t you imagine them in a kitchen window?”

Laughing, Emma held up her bag, “Beat you to it. I couldn’t resist either.”

Together they headed out to their next destination.

Inside the van, Marcy asked, “I heard via the grapevine you were injured covering a story.  Any truth to that?”

“Yeah, I took a head down a flight of stairs.  Mild concussion, nothing really amazing to write home about.”

“You joke.  You always joke when you’re really serious.  Do you know that?”

“Actually, I do,  your right.  I forgot about that.  I’ll have to watch it or I’ll give myself away.”

They’d navigated through the crowd out to the news van which they’d parked a block away.  “Is it me or is it unseasonably cold?”  Marcy moved the camera up to her shoulder. “I think I need better gloves with thermal lining.”

They were a half a block from the van when an errant vehicle whizzed passed them causing Marcy to jump.  “Holy crap what was that all about?  Damn it, this is an expensive piece of equipment!” she yelled at the receding tail lights.

“Crazy driver?”  Emma suggested.

Stowing the camera in the back of the van Marcy asked, “You have an opportunity to look over the next story?”

Pulling the papers to the forefront of her clipboard Emma said, “Yeah.  The cast of a local production of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol are getting into the holiday spirit and it’s a photo op.”

“Did you know that this production has been performed annually in Seattle since 1976!  It’s become a Northwest tradition. I gotta say I’m looking forward to this.” Emma remarked appreciatively.

“I attend every year.  It’s 90 minutes without intermission but well worth attending.” Marcy began extolling her favoured performances.




  1. Sheryl says:

    Errant vehicle huh? That was fun.


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