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Nathan 60


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When Emma entered the office door, her boss walked toward her.  “Emma, how you doing?  I was worried.  Come with me, let’s talk.” Heading to his office, he stopped, grabbed a couple of coffees and handing her one, motioned Emma inside.

“So,” he walked around the end of his sturdy paper-filled desk and sat, “details, I want details.  What the hell happened?”

Emma sat carefully, mindful of twinges that lingered still.  “I went to investigate, ask residents of one of the apartment building overlooking the crime scene since from the position, I’m sure someone had to see or hear something.  As I was moving up the stairwell, someone was bolting down.  The result was a collision that sent me flying off the stairs to hit the landing wall.  I don’t mind telling  you, it took my breath away.  The ambulance attendants suggested a stay over in hospital because they were concerned about a possible concussion.  The doctor concurred so I spent the night there with nurse ratchet waking me upon the hour.” Harold grimaced.

“And do you believe the incident is somehow related?” Concern clearly clouded his eyes as he nonchalantly leaned back into his swivel chair and rocked.

Emma filled him in on what the Detective’s conclusions were.  “Have you witnessed anything else that would suggest someone was interested in the renewal of the case?” Her recitation of events and information obtained was clear and concise. “In other words, there is a renewed interest.  The ‘accident’ suggests this is the case and if Morris and James have reason to believe so, then logic suggests it’s true and you need to exercise real caution here.  I’m of a mind to pull you off this case.”  He spoke from behind steepled fingers, a heavy sigh escaping unnoticed.

“Harold, I’m fine.  It was a single incident that can’t definitively be linked to the case, and I am unconcerned at this point. I’ve spent a great deal of time in crowds and surrounded by friends, so it’s doubtful anything more will happen.”

“I’ve spent a great deal of time with Nathan Armstrong.  He has bodyguards, a necessity in the circles he navigates.  They have been placed at my disposal. I feel secure about my health and well-being so I am determined to continue.  I’m not going to stop, Harold, with or without your consent.”  She went on to explain her emotional connection to the young woman and her family, and which now included the other’s she’d interviewed and why.

“Alright, but keep me informed, every step of the way, and i do mean every step of the way, Emma.  I don’t want a repeat incident and  you are worth far more than a story, this or any other.  We’re here to offer not become the news.  You got that?”  He pointed his finger at her before shaking it in her face.

“Thanks, Harold, I appreciate the sentiment.  I truly do.”

“Did you have anything else for me?”

“A couple of fluff pieces that won’t take you very long, a simple interview along with a couple of snapshots.  Marcy has the particulars as she’s the photographer who will accompany you.”


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