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Nathan 58


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Nathan had waded through the muck and mire before both literally and figuratively.  He’d do it again, now, to protect those less fortunate who had fallen at the hands of the greedy uncaring sociopath responsible.  These weren’t martyrs to the cause, they were victims. Everyday people victimized through no fault of their own.  Sylvia Westwood simply because she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, witnessing a take-over.  Marks, because he was determined to uncover the truth, but without backup, didn’t have the required weapons to protect himself.  Emma, because she had taken up the cause, but who had the full backing of ‘all that was Nathan’.

This was his cause now!  Vehemently Nathan silently pledged vengeance and justice for those already lost and to protect those who would see the guilty punished.

His men were secretly digging into and climbing the ladder of contacts leading to the man standing on the top rung of that seedy ladder.  No matter how much time it took, Nathan was determined to win this war as he had done before.  Though this one was more personal, his cold calculating determination would bring them down.  All of them.  He vowed this with his soul.

Anyone witnessing the fierce expression on his face at that moment would have run, hard and fast and found a hole to dig into and never surface again.



  1. Sheryl says:

    The noble dark side. I like.


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