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Nathan 57


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Nathan’s people had been in contact with a few underground types, wandering, talking to the so-called derelicts of the city, the people others walked by trying to ignore, those that needed invisibility and remained silent in their revery. The helpless victimized by life.

His own contacts had unearthed the possibility of another player in town come to claim what he thought should rightfully belong to him.  This was not news to Nathan.  There had  been rumblings that someone with wealthy contacts had been making a subtle move in this area for over a year. Since it was a high-roller, no one had cracked his identity as yet. He’d managed to remain incognito far longer than a year, Nathan knew.  It would take several years of speculation and contacts to make inroads into what already existed, was in place.

There was a stir in the underbelly of the city, talk of a new movement, new people hoping to stake a claim to the dark side of the city.  If the talk had merit, their leader was not new to Seattle, but a long time resident who had been making waves for awhile, but not had been unable to establish a foothold. This information from those most affected corroborated what he already new.

The enemy may be faceless, but there was always a trail.  Nathan was now intently focused on finding through the breadcrumbs left behind, where that trail led.  His immediate concern for Emma, he’d become even more watchful.  Infuriated they struck out at Emma and before her, Marks and Westwood, he seethed, his indignation hot.  They didn’t realize he’d now shine the spotlight of his own organization and contacts on their endeavours and he wouldn’t stop.  Anyone that new Nathan’s tenacity, knew he was like a dog with a bone, once firmly clasped, he would not let go.  Especially when the stakes were this high!




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