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Nathan 54


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Later that morning, Nathan received a call from one of his men.  He motioned to Emma indicating he’d be back and disappeared.  Emma’s eyebrow quirked in questioning concern as she couldn’t help but wonder if the call pertained to their ongoing investigation into Ms. Westwood’s demise.

After clearing up after her card writing stint, Emma changed into a comfortable tunic top in rich royal blue with a flamboyant white flower across the shoulder ending at mid back with embroidered stitching through the middle of the flower.  Along with it she added black leather looking skinny pants and topped the outfit off with black high heels and pearl earrings.  When her makeup was finished, she returned to the living room and found Nathan sitting cross-legged on one of the chairs, a thoughtful look covering his face.

“So what’s on the agenda today, Nathan?  You very generously took care of my needs yesterday, my turn today.  How would you like to spend the day?”

“I was considering a walk through Woodland Park Zoo later tonight.  We can add something special to the hot cocoa and wander through the light display.  It’s lovely, very well done.”

Settling comfortably on his lap, wrapping her arms loosely about his neck, Emma teased his lips nipping and kissing, “Tell me more!”

Nathan settled more comfortably in the chair and ran his hands up and down her sides and along her inner thigh which had her tingling with sudden ache and delightful promise.

“What else do you have in mind, Nathan?” she continued her experimental discovery nipping his earlobes before laying kisses down his neck to the open vee of his shirt.

“I’ll do better than explain, why don’t I simply show you?”  With that Nathan stood, and Emma wrapped her legs around his waist as her onslaught continued as they headed for the bedroom.

Dumping her on the bed, he landed on top of her, excitement guiding his eager hands, arousal easily noted as Emma’s hands explored his body.  Need, excitement, hunger combined and took over their headlong flight into desire.



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