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I’ve never come across this word

Indeed it sounded quite absurd

I tried to decide what it meant

You can imagine my discontent

I knew not what the word alluded to

For it wasn’t a word that I knew

I looked it up and learned the word

And exactly what the word inferred

A group, or armour or a bunch of things

It covers a multitude of sins

Alas I’ll never use panoply

In daily life or elsewhere I cry

But perhaps it’s just a word of fun

Maybe used to impress someone

Back into the closet of my brain it goes

Perhaps one day to use in prose





  1. I think they use a word generator for these prompts. If I’d had a picture of a medieval parade of knights in armor, I’d have used it 🙂 I like the armadillo. He’s pretty medieval 🙂


  2. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise says:

    Loving this 😀 very clever!


  3. sandyjwhite says:

    Bravo to you! I wasn’t even curious enough to look up this word.


  4. AprilEsutton says:

    A word to make you look smart.


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