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Nathan 48


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It would take time to construct Marks’ last movements. The story went to print the day of Miss Westwood’s untimely death containing a small blurb outlining little more than a description of the incidents in question.

A follow-up appeared two days later, with an in-depth look at who she was, her chosen career path and a picture of a glowing young woman, seemingly inspired and full of life.  Indeed, she was quite lovely.  The article mentioned she hadn’t been involved in a long-standing relationship, due to her dedication to her craft, which came first.

The next article appeared questioning the incidents suggesting something sinister had occurred and she was collateral damage followed by an appeal to anyone in the area that might have witnessed incidents leading up to or after the young woman’s death, pleading they come forward promising their anonymity would be protected.

A week followed without a word regarding the incident and suddenly a blurb appeared suggesting that her death was an act of aggression perpetrated by underworld connections.  Then, radio silence.  Nothing else was printed regarding the incident.

Now more than ever, Emma was positive his untimely death was related to the story.  His tenacity was impressive. Assuredly, he was onto something, or, someone.  His follow-up and subsequent death clearly suggested to Emma, at least, that he’d found answers he shouldn’t have and the guilty party silenced him, hoping it would put an end to any questions surrounding her death.  He’d got too close or may have even found the guilty party.

Clearly, whoever was involved was scared.  It was a far bigger story than he’d been prepared for.  Someone with a great deal to lose was involved.  This wasn’t a mugging gone wrong, nothing had been stolen. She wasn’t involved in anything shady, had no shady friends or acquaintances so her presence was simply untimely.


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