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Nathan 49


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Untimely!  That word was insulting to Emma.  Untimely???  Anger flared, her eyes flashed, her skin fused with heat.  How could anyone use that disgusting insulting word to describe the death of a beautiful dedicated innocent woman with her whole life ahead of her.  What of the grieving family left behind who were also “collateral damage”.  Someone needed to pay for this insult to Miss Westwood, to her family, and to the populace in general.  Emma paced angrily.

Though beautiful always, she glowed, engulfed with fierce and profound emotion as she was.  Nathan watched her with awe and astonishment humbled as the echo of fury emanating from and surrounding her lit the room.  His Emma was on fire and although it wasn’t the after-glow of passionate love-making she was no less exquisite.

Walking toward her, he stopped her wandering pace when his arms encircled her, “Lovely one, you seem . . . agitated.”

Turning in his arms to face him, her fury only minutely controlled, Emma looked directly up into his face eyes still burning with contempt, “We need to find them, Nathan.  We need to find justice for this woman and her family.”

Holding her firmly warming her body with gentle hands, Nathan promised, “We will, Emma.  We will.  I promise you this.”

Emma leaned into him and lay her head on his chest.  “It disgusts me, infuriates me, it is vile beyond contemptuous.  Money over life!  That’s what this smacks of. Greed, pure and simple.”  When she leaned back to re-engage eye contact righteous indignation and contempt had not abated.  “I want their heads on a plate!” she growled between clenched teeth.  Leaning against him again, seeking solace she added, “Now I know why you do what you do, Nathan.  It’s not about glory or excitement, the payback is in the justice you meet out to the villains and the justice you return to the victim(s).  It’s honourable, what you do.  I’m glad you do it.”

“You have your own brand of justice, Emma.  Every time you write an article, expose corrupt dirty underhanded people, you stand for justice.  You do so daily, week in and week out without thinking about it.  It comes naturally to you.  It’s why you became a reporter.”






  1. Sheryl says:

    Whew got my daily dose of Nathan and Emma. Thanks, you must be having so much fun with this story. I cant wait to see where it goes.


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