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Nathan 47


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When Emma settled into the dining room chair, she felt so relaxed and loosey-goosey it was as if her bones had melted.

Nibbling at her food Emma suggested, “I was wondering if we shouldn’t talk to some of the others Marks worked with.  I’m concerned about authenticity here.  His notes clearly outline the steps he took and how he covered the assignment.  Then they hint at the possibility he’s being followed, but, in between, there are steps missing.”

“I agree,”  Nathan responded, “such as where his information took him after talking to the police, and when someone started following him, if indeed they did, was it once his article was written, or beforehand?  If it was beforehand, it makes a difference.”

“Yes, it means inside information was obtained.  The question is from whom, where, and when?  And who has that kind of clout?  Who was paid off?  And if that someone felt at all guilty it led to Marks’ death.  Be-caaause, it means someone else out there is aware of who is involved and they could also, most likely, if Marks was killed, be looking at a death sentence if they talked.  I mean, if they were willing to take a bribe or were otherwise silenced (say through physical threats whether to them or their family) they may not be willing to right a wrong.  They might, in order to protect themselves or further their own interests, offer up anyone else looking into this.  That’s a scary thought.”  Suddenly, Emma wasn’t as interested in eating, and for the first time since Nathan had known her, pushed her plate away, and left it nearly intact.

“I have no concerns regarding your protection, Emma.”  Lifting her hand he played with her fingers, locking and interlocking his fingers with her before turning her wrist over and kissing the inside tenderly.  “You are my number one priority.  I won’t allow any harm to come to you.”

“Considering your line of work, I take great comfort in that.”  Emma returned his touch, playing with his hair before deepening her kisses and he was left in no doubt where this was leading.

“Seems your hungry for something other than food at the moment, my sweet Emma.”

“Indeed, I am!” Emma confirmed as she wrapped her hands through his and pulled him, unresistingly to his feet.



1 Comment

  1. Sheryl says:

    A lovely mystery with tantalizing tidbits in between.


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