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Nathan 46


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As they sat in the car, meticulously looking over Marks’ notes, Emma asked, “Do you see anything remarkable?”

“No, I don’t.”

“His notes seem disjointed and agitated.  The only particularly noteworthy information is in the last few lines where he suggests he’s being followed.  He doesn’t indicate who it might be, there’s no description, how many, what type of vehicle, where, there’s literally nothing helpful at all!”  Emma sighed heavily, “I was hoping!  Really hoping!”

“Let’s wait until we get home.  We’ll go over them with a clearer mind.  We may have overlooked something in our excitement at finding helpful information.”

“You’re right.  I need to look again with a clear head.”

They returned to Nathan’s and Emma dragged her stiff body out of the car.  “You’re feeling stiff aren’t you?”

“A little.  I’m sure after a few stretches I’ll be fine.”

Inside, Nathan signalled to the kitchen and they walked on into the living room, Emma’s hands tightly gripping Marks’ notes.  She gingerly sat down on the chesterfield and sighed again, “You know, I’m wondering if he split his notes up.  If you look at the back, it seems as though they have been torn off, there are little bits of sticky here.”

Nathan sat beside her and confirmed her hypothesis.  Then turned her to massage her shoulders gently kneading then moving down her back, mindful of the still brightly coloured bruising.  “Let it me, Emma.  We’ll get back to it after dinner.”

Emma sighed.  “Ah, this is good.  I could get used to this.  Coming home, having you relax me after a long day.”

Nathan went on to show Emma exactly how relaxing and mind boggling one of his massages could be.  It was considerably longer before dinner was served.




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