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Nathan 43


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Emma’s sigh contained pure unadulterated peace.  She really enjoyed this she thought as she stretched head to toe.  Waking wrapped in Nathan’s arms, those languid eyes trained on her yet nearly able to see to her soul.  He saw so much, he saw everything.

“How do you do that?” Emma whispered so quietly Nathan had to lean forward to hear her words.

“Do what?”

“Look at me with that all knowing look in your eyes.  Like you see to my soul.”

“I’m not omnipotent, Emma, simply clairvoyant.”  Emma laughed and tweaked his side.

“You are not!”

“I know you are yearning for that great big delicious mug of coffee, that you can already taste.”

“That’s not clairvoyant!  I told you don’t ever wake me without coffee in hand.”

Nathan smirked.  “Look behind you.”

Emma turned and peered across her shoulder.  “Aaah, yes!  Next to sex, the very next best thing.”

“Glad you clarified that statement or I’d be forced to prove you wrong.”

Emma laughed as she turned to reach for the coffee carafe at her side.  “You want?”

“Yes, you!”

Sliding into an upright position she poured a coffee for both of them and handed his across. Closing her eyes she inhaled the exquisite aroma.  “Whatever brand of coffee this is, “she breathed in deeply, “it’s heaven on earth.”

Nathan laughed at her exuberant expression.  “I can’t believe coffee does it for you.”

“No, you do it for me.”  Emma winked playfully.  “Coffee’s in a whole other world.”

Disregarding the coffee in her hand, Nathan leaned in and kissed her lips, tasting the flavour of the coffee, then teasing her lips apart tasting her.  Emma’s eyes closed at Nathan’s onslaught, her senses quickening.  Taking another big sip, she set her cup aside and then took Nathan’s and did the same.  “What?”  Nathan pretended shock, “No coffee?”

“I have something much better in mind.”  And she continued to show him.  Nathan had no complaints.  He settled more comfortably mindful of her bruises and delicately kissed her into mind blowing oblivion.





  1. Sheryl says:

    sweet and steamy 😉


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