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The first one is extremely obvious… is nothing sacred?  When I first noticed these years ago, I was so offended!  Angered!  You get my drift.  I remember watching a Disney movie with my kids and stopping dead and asking them to get stuff for popcorn “movie watching, comfort food” and replayed the selection, and realized I did see what I thought I saw.  I replayed for my mother, visiting at the time.  She was as stunned and shocked as I.  You think you’re spending quality time with your children, watching innocent fun, and imagine that!  Not so much! I’ve done some research over the years, and it’s even more offensive that most of the ideas for this disgusting crap came from women.  Why that offends me more, I guess, is because I have that ‘old school’ mentality, mother’s are supposed to look out for the emotional well being of their children.  I did. It was essential in my world. Let me know what you think about this subliminal crap. Would enjoy hearing your views.

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  1. Love it Now says:

    oj, strange


  2. Oh yeah, I remember these. Very strange.


  3. Scott says:

    I can’t click “like” because I don’t like what they are doing. But I do like the facts you’ve exposed it.

    This, in some way, is like the excessive use of profanity in most modern literature (literature?). Disney is evidently taking us for a bunch of fools. And I guess we are, having allowed it to progress to this point.

    I would never have known about this without your help. I shall do my part by re-blogging.

    Back when I began writing in the 1960s and trsfinh the Writer’s Market one of the worst things we could submit to a publisher was a talking animal. A year ago our daughter and her husband loaned us a movie. The main attraction was a stuffed bear that slept with a man and uttered endless obscenities. I was not amused. I was insulted.

    Thank you for sharing this.


    • thank you. It is something that absolutely horrifies and angers me. There is a site you can find examples on. I saw it with my own eyes and at first, doubted my own vision. then it started coming out this was a reality and since has blown up. Advertising is notorious for this crap. So thank you very much. Yes, I forbid the grands to watch, they thought it was just a sweet bear, but having heard about it on the net, I knew better. It’s abominable how they try to involve us and children particularly. Really appreciate your concern I have to say.


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