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Nathan 37


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Emma had to admit it was fun waking up with Nathan lounging her in bed and in her life.  She’d enjoyed other lovers, but there was something extra special about Nathan.  He was thoughtful, always.  Considerate, intelligent and giving.  So tonight, she planned on taking him to a restaurant she thoroughly enjoyed, at the Sky City Restaurant.

The view was stunning, especially when the weather co-operated and gave you a perfect view of the entire town and Mount Rainier in the distance.  It was a lovely restaurant that held the right appeal since you could enjoy rain or shine.

She showered and dressed in capri’s and a light weight sweater with matching navy blue shoes and bag.  Brushing her raven black hair and pulling it into a tight pony, she flipped it into the loose hanging double up that was so popular.

Nathan had let himself out earlier to return home and take care of some business but promised to meet her in an hour so they could resume their search and interview any wood-be witnesses.  Emma was sure there had to be some, at least one who might have witnessed the tragedy in question.

Grabbing a notebook and pen, she checked the contents of her purse and snagged an umbrella and rain jacket.  “Better to be safe than sorry,” she said aloud.

Hopping into her vehicle, she did the seat belt up and pulled it tightly into place and backed onto the street.  It was unusually busy she thought with vehicles whizzing by and it took her a few minutes to move a few feet.  Soon though she was whizzing on her way, eager to knock on doors and find answers.  Nathan had made her promise she wouldn’t visit the apartment by herself because he felt it was too dangerous and he didn’t want her going alone.

It wasn’t a seedy apartment, and the tenants she’d spoken (they) had spoken with so far appeared, to be honest upstanding citizens.  Their answers were forthright and straightforward with not a single hint of deception.

Finding a parking space, she locked the car and hustled to the front door. As luck would have it, she was again able to sneak in when a tenant exited the building.  She’d nearly reached the second floor when someone raced down the steps knocking her backward from the third step and she landed in a heap against the wall.  She sat, head spinning, trying to focus, when her hand fell limply to her side and her head lolled to the left and everything went black.

Next thing she knew, she was coming round, everything was black momentarily, her first thought, OMG am I blind?  Then slowly people around her came into focus.  There, kneeling beside her, holding her hand in a firm grip, sat Nathan.  At first, her confusion showed as she looked at him as though he had two heads.  Maybe he did.  When her eyes finished focusing she saw several others nearby and when she would have spoken, an ambulance attendant rushed up the stairs.

“Please, everyone stand back, give us some room so we can work here.  People, back up, better yet, head back to your apartments.  The young lady’s going to be fine, let’s give her some breathing room, alright?”

“Sir, step back, please.  I need to examine this young woman.”

Nathan grudgingly obliged and placed himself between her and the onlookers flashing a murderous smile and anger filled eyes as he inspected each one of them.  It wasn’t long before he heard, “ah hell, I’m outta here” and one by one they disappeared.

As the attendant checked her pulse and examined her limbs and her head, which had a sizable goose egg on top, she winced.  Oh god, the headache was deplorable and she groaned. Her moment of complete oblivion over, the pain set in, and it took everything she had to keep from crying out. She whispered in her head, OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.

The attendant stood, and motioned to his partner to bring the stretcher up to the landing, and after dropping it, standing on either side of her, they lifted her gently as possible onto the stretcher before securing her in place.  Making their ascent, Nathan was one step behind him.  “Where are you taking her?”

“Virginia Mason Hospital & Medical Center.”

Momentarily holding her hand Nathan assured her he was right behind her.

Emma was ushered into the emergency room and within moments an emergency doctor was examining her and sending her for an immediate CTscan.  Her splitting headache which was unlike anything she’d ever encountered before forstalled questions.  She was only too happy to let them do whatever they were going to do.

Before long, since time meant nothing to her at the moment, she was wheeled into her own room.  Within seconds, Nathan was at her side.

“Emma!  Thank god.” He kissed her forehead tenderly before taking her hand in his.

“Nathan, I’m so relieved your here.”

“You up to talking about it?”

“Nothing to tell, honestly.  I was heading upstairs, I was on the second or third step when someone racing down, a man I think, slammed into me and I flew through the air and hit the wall.  Then nothing.”  Placing a hand on the back of her head she continued, “I’m thankful it wasn’t worse.”

“You know, you don’t see stars?  It’s instant black out.” Emma tried to make light of it with a smile in her voice, but the look on Nathan’s face, a mixture of concern and anger stopped her.

“I’m alright, Nathan, really.  It’s a bump on the head. A concussion and a heamatoma.  It could have been worse, thankfully it wasn’t.”

Before Nathan could ask any more questions, Emma was asleep.

It was dark when next she woke, a nurse taking her pulse and temperature.  At first she wasn’t sure where she was, then she remembered.  The headache had desisted at least, but wow was it tender.  “How you doing miss?”

“Not bad I guess.”

“Everything looks good, but I’ll be back on the hour.  Be prepared!”  The nurse said with an amused smile.  “We don’t play fair.  You’ll want to sleep but we’ll do our usual poking and prodding.  It’s one of the perks.”

Emma half grinned, she couldn’t quite pull of a complete smile, “Ok nurse ratchet!  Bring it on.”  The nurse smiled broadly, patted her hand and left.

When Emma turned her head, she saw Nathan standing at the window, but as the nurse departed, he walked to her side and settled into the chair beside her.

Before he could speak, Emma said, “I’m sorry if I worried you Nathan.  I certainly didn’t expect anything like this.  I was so eager to get started.”

“This isn’t the time for recriminations, Emma, but if you ever do this to me again, you’ll have more than a bump on the head, I assure you.”

“Awe, my big handsome man, making threats.  That how it plays out?”

“Damn straight!  You scared the hell out of me Emma.

“Hey, how did you know where I was?”

“I tried calling you and when there was no answer, I figured you’d headed back to the scene of the crime.  The cops, the two detectives want to talk to you.  They seem to feel the attack was related to their investigation.”

“What?  How so?”

“It was a random accident, some guy was running and not paying attention.  I seriously doubt there was anything dubious about it.”

“According to Detective Morris, they followed up by questioning a few of the tenants.  No one knows who the man was.  One guy on the second floor, the first to get to you and stand guard over you, said he’d never seen the guy who raced on by him.  He added the guy was wearing a blue hoody and jeans, sneakers and took great care not to run into him.  That made the detectives wonder.  Me too for that matter.”

“I didn’t even see him.  I had an impression as I flew through the air, of a white male, in a hoody but I didn’t notice him prior to his slamming into me.  I was looking in my purse.  Oh where is my purse?”

“Right beside you.”

“That’s the other question.  You weren’t robbed, nothing was taken. The witness didn’t see anyone else running after him or in front of him.  He was alone.”

“I don’t understtand why a few simple questions would illicit that kind of attention.”

“Unless it was a witness of the previous crime and they knew you were getting close.”

Emma stared up into Nathan’s concerned eyes, “Is that what you think?”

“I’m inclined to agree with Morris and James.”

Emma lay back and Nathan carefully fluffed the pillows under her head.  Emma was  almost instantly asleep once again.




  1. Sheryl says:

    How did Nathan find her? Why did she break a promise and go alone? Interesting. 🙂


    • I mentioned that he figured since he’d called and didn’t get an answer that was where she’d gone, but you guessed it, there’s more to it! And while she answered she was eager for results, again, there’s more to it! mwhaha


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