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Nathan 36


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Emma had changed into pajama pants ant tee and was wrapping a lightweight housecoat over her pj’s as Nathan set the food on their plates.  “Mmm that looks delicious.”

Placing a swift kiss on his smiling lips she collected a plate and sat cross-legged on the sofa.  Nathan grinned.  “Not standing on formality tonight?”

“Absolutely not.  It’s been a long day and though interesting, I’m sharing part of the best day with you.  Sitting cuddled up to you is a great appetizer.”

Nathan collected the wine and glasses and set them on the coffee table.  “You are my appetizer, first second third and dessert course, Emma.”

“Why, Nathan.  You surprise me.” The twinkle in her eyes delighted him.

“If you weren’t so ravenously hungry, I’d show you this instant.”

Between bites, Emma managed, “Promises, promises!” To which Nathan gently pinched her side.

“Oh, you’ll pay for that one, delightfully, but you will pay,” he promised, leaning in to kiss the tip of her nose.

They settled back the length of their bodies touching, and Nathan turned the tv on and flicked from channel to channel.  They disagreed amicably until they found a movie they both enjoyed, and ate in comparative but companionable silence.

Since Nathan had dished up dinner, Emma cleared, scraping and clearing the few leftovers into the bin and placing their dishes into the dishwasher then turning it on.  The nearly inaudible sound was lost in the music that Nathan switched on.  “I see you found my abysmal collection.”

“I wouldn’t say abysmal, exactly, there are some really beautiful pieces here.” As soon as she re-entered the room, he grasped her hand and whisked her into an arch and into his arms.  “Dance with me,” he said.

“No place I’d rather be.” She leaned into him and laid her head on his shoulder.  “Nice.”


“Ok, delicious.”

“Better.” That sweet smile of his flashed and Emma melted.

“It’s wonderful background music too, wink wink nudge nudge.”

“Enough said.” Nathan picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. He laid her on the bed and instead of joining her, laid kiss after kiss on her brows, her cheeks, the side of her neck, and opening her robe, continued his assault down her neck to the top of her tank.  When she would have moved he said, “Relax, lovely and enjoy.”  The assault on her senses was overwhelmingly gentle, but arousing, sweet, sexy, and ran an entire gamut of emotion she was too involved in enjoying to name.  When she could resist no longer, she reached for him and wrapping a hand around his neck, her fingers locked in his hair, pulled his half resistant lips to hers and began her own assault.  Before long need took over.  Still, as she flipped Nathan onto his back, she removed each piece of clothing and lay kisses on his exposed skin, looking up into his eyes after each kiss. Eyes awash with desire.

“Enjoying my music, Nathan?”

“Your music is erotic, Emma.  I could sing, dance, gyrate, move to your music all day, all night,” he promised as he swung her over taking over their mutual enjoyment.




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