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Nathan 35


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After visiting the precinct and talking to Detective Morris and Detective James, both of whom were surprised by Emma’s confidential source, they brought her up to speed on what they’d found so far which was basically little more than they had.  The information she’d imparted was from the sound of it, more progress than they’d made all year.

Since it was no longer a “hot” case when she’d asked for a description of the scene and details, they answered the questions she’d put to them but she knew they were holding something back.

After two hours of driving around looking for the homeless woman with the shopping cart, it started raining cats and dogs and she decided to give up for the day.

She was signaling to leave the parking lot she’d entered when Nathan called. “Beautiful, where are you?”

“Oh, working on an article.”

At her sigh, he asked, “Anything I can help with?”

“To be honest, after talking to the two detectives involved, I’m not sure they were altogether forthcoming, I’m wondering if they were stonewalling me, or if they are holding back information on the case.”

“Can you tell me more about it?”

“Yeah, I don’t see why not.  It’s not considered a cold case yet, but …”

“Ok, a young student was murdered at this location.  An unnamed source came in today, a year and change from the date in question and in an attempt at assuaging his guilty conscience gave me some details that corroborate another witness. He didn’t go to the police at the time because he’d been drinking and didn’t expect they’d listen to him.  I guess he had a serious drinking problem and was staggering drunk.  His information seems valid since another witness pretty much suggests the same scenario.”

“Where are you?  I’ll come to you.”  Emma gave him the location and within twenty minutes he was climbing into the passenger seat.

Reaching across, he smoothed her furrowed brow.  “Hi beautiful.”  He leaned in and kissed her brow then her lips.

They drove around the blocks involved and the site the body was found, and which police confirmed was the location she’d been gunned down at.  “Detective Morris was adamant the body hadn’t been moved explaining at first they’d thought it was a drive-by.  This new information sheds new light on what happened that night.  I’m more inclined, do to the circumstances and character of the young woman involved, to believe she saw something she wasn’t meant to and was taken out.”

“It is logical.  Especially factoring in there was no previous criminal activity.”

“The thing is, where do I go from here?  The police don’t have anything to substantiate what my source described.  I wondered if we could canvas a few residents of the nearby apartment.  I dont imagine anyone was working at 2:00 in the morning, but the apartment is close enough and has several floors which suggests to me, that it’s possible someone saw something.  Peeked out a window to see what was going on.  Perhaps afraid of reprisals, they weren’t willing to come forward.”

“Alright, let’s go.  See if we can gain access and start knocking on doors.”

They managed to gain entrance when a tenant left and took the elevator up to the top floor and turned left when the doors opened. They managed to find six of the ten apartments on the left side of the hallway home, but if what they’d said was true, none had witnessed anything unusual.  “That seems strange to me.  I’m not a light sleeper, but odd, out of place sounds, sounds I’m not used to hearing, waking me.  Isn’t that the same with anyone else?”

“Yes, it is for the most part.  Some are sound sleepers and a train wreck couldn’t wake them.  That was my father.  Nothing woke the man.”  Nathan smirked.  Owing to his father’s dead to the world sleep habit, he’d managed to sneak out and enjoy several evenings of fun with friends.

They knocked on doors on the right side of the building, but most weren’t home which suggested another trip, at a later time period.

“We’ve been at this for over two hours, Emma, and I’m sure you’ve been at it longer.  How about I order in and we watch a movie or something at your place?”

“Yeah.  Count me in.  I think that’s a great idea.” They headed out to Emma’s car and arms wrapped around each other, missed the apartment window where curtains slid slowly apart and a pair of watchful eyes stare at them until they were gone.

Emma unlocked her front door, and Nathan swung her off her feet and deposited her on his lap as he flopped onto the chesterfield.  “I took the liberty of ordering wings, pizza, breadsticks on the way over.  It should be arriving in about fifteen minutes.  I also brought a bottle of white wine.”

“A man after my own heart!  How delicious.”  She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him very very thoroughly.

“Well, now you’ve put other ideas into my head.”

“Hold on, handsome, dinner first.”

“Ah, yes, my lady and her food issues.”

“You know me well.  Sit tight handsome, I’m going to get into something a bit more comfortable. Why don’t you make yourself useful and pour the wine, I’ll be right back.”  She laid one on his lips and he wanted to say to hell with the meal but knew better.  He knew his Emma.





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